Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Should I Make Myself Write?

A recent post by a sweet friend has me asking myself if I should just make myself write. There's no inspiration to write these days. If I were to write something I am not sure what the something would be. I really don't know where to begin with the thoughts twirling and twirling around in my mind.

Should I make myself write? Would the inspiration then come?

Then I recalled words written by another friend. I read Mary's post, The Importance of Real Connections in a Non-Connected World, this morning after my time with God and before tending to the daily routine of getting ready for the work day. Imagine my surprise to find her writing about me. Thank you for the encouragement, Mary!

"My good friend Beth at Simply Beth has been writing and talking about real life connections and their importance. She has stepped out intentionally to make this happen and it has encouraged me in my own life. It has been a beautiful journey to follow and learn from Beth as she sits with friends over coffee, hangs out with her neighbors, puts family first and works on being present to others in her daily life. She models what friendship should be and I am blessed to learn from her bravery and challenged to carry this out in my own life."

So here's the thing. Maybe I could make myself write. There's some writing but not much these days. Instead of making myself write though, I am making time for real life connections. First and foremost, I make time for my husband. Actually, God first and then time with my man.

Then there are days devoted to meeting online friends in real life. Like breakfast at an adorable restaurant (best ever coffee and pancakes) with the lovely Mel of Barefoot Mel. Winning a giveaway on her blog revealed we only live thirty minutes from one another. Yippee!

And I anxiously await sharing a meal again with Dawn of Journeys in Grace this weekend.

 And we spend lots and lots of time with friends we are blessed to have as neighbors.

I love any opportunity to hang out with my BFF who will forever be known as "my Hawaii friend." The photo is from the morning we left for Hawaii as I did not think to take one of us together when recently met to share a meal and have a glass of wine while my husband took our youngest son to a Chicago Blackhawks game.

There's also a wedding to plan. Yes, I refer to it as "Our Wedding." It's a renewal of vows. It's a desire to say before God once again, but for real this time because the first time we didn't know God like we do now, that we will love one another until death do us part. Want to follow along as I plan? Come check out my Pinterest board.

How about a sneak peak at our photo session for the Save the Date cards? The photo below happens to be a favorite from our session. Hubs didn't like his squinty eye so we won't be using it for our card. I love him so very much!

I admitted to my friend Mary in the comment I left on her post (shared above) that I honestly fear a loss of online friendships, friendships I hold dear to my heart, because I am not writing. Less writing has gradually meant less time on other blogs.

Really though, less time on other blogs is not because I am writing less but because I am being intentional in others areas.

God has called me to a different season. It's a season where He isn't asking me to write. Mostly it's a season where I feel I'm learning to love God with all my heart, my soul and my strength (Deuteronomy 6:5). Could there be any better season?

At my Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) class last night our teaching leader reminded me of this truth: "We can't add God to our life; He must be our life."

I need Him to be my everything. I want Him to be my everything.

Can I admit I almost backed out of my yes to God to become a Group Leader for BSF in the fall? I wrote about my yes to God here.

But as I learn to love God with my heart, soul and strength, I know it includes trusting His ways are always best. If His ways include me shepherding a group of women as we study God's Word together, then my yes will stay a yes. Satan isn't winning in his attempt to tell me I'm not ready.

So . . . the writing? It will continue to take a back seat. I will not fear what I may lose as a result for God is filling my days with much goodness.

You are forever part of the goodness in my life.

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