Military Life

I have pondered for far too long on how best to use this "military life" page. But have now decided what I want to share with you here is the absolutely best part of military life... the homecomings! I've experienced four of them so far, and now wait for that fifth one.

Once they are in your arms again, you forget how hard those many months of waiting were. You really, really do.

So I invite you to take a peak into my "cup overflowing" moments of welcoming home both my husband and son from their deployments.

My husband's first homecoming (September 2014)

The He's Home post

That first hug and my most favorite picture.

And the next hug...

Our son's first homecoming (February 2015)

Our first hug...

Hard things soon followed after his first homecoming BUT GOD is faithful.
I tell a little about this in my Love Always Wins post.

My husband's second homecoming (March 2016)

The Blessed Reunion post

Our Son's second homecoming (May 2017)

The best mom/son picture EVER!!

I am counting down the days until that next "cup overflowing" moment when I welcome home my husband from his THIRD deployment.

And while I would love to be done with deployments, I trust in God's faithfulness to bring us through this one and others, if we are asked to do again. He has done amazing things in and through us with each one. Because truly... how great is our God!

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