Friday, January 18, 2013

Love God. Love Others.

I'm still a wee bit (okay, maybe more than a wee bit) struggling over the comparison game. But I'm trying to turn this struggle into something positive. So I ask myself, what is it that others are bringing to their blogs that I wish I was bringing to you here? I say I want you to find God's love for you and I really do. My heart tells me there is something missing as I write.

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to catch up with my fabulous high school girlfriends. The evening was full of laughter as stories were shared from long ago. Eight of us gathered around the fire place on this cold evening and there was one thought I kept having. Am I embracing my relationship with each of these lovely girls, or do I linger at the surface with them? What about my relationship with others in my life?

These thoughts led me back to what I write I only giving you a surface level relationship? And if so, how do I go deeper with you? How do I share with you those thoughts that truly touch my heart? How do I share with you the extent of how God has changed this heart of mine? How do I encourage you to go to those places of your own heart with me?

There is one particular person of this group of high school friends that I embraced having the opportunity to go deeper with. The following morning she accompanied me to church and afterwards we made our way to Panera Bread for lunch. I found a quiet corner of the restaurant and proclaimed, "There is no one over here so we can really share the juicy stuff and not worry about what others may hear."

Three hours later...oh my, when you go deeper with someone, you walk away from your time together refreshed. Our hearts were opened and we simply shared from that place I think many of us are afraid to go to.

In this wonderful world of social media there are times when I witness criticism over what someone dares to share. I wonder, have we created a world where it's seen as wrong to share at the deeper levels? Is it wrong for me to open my heart in this social media world to people I don't even know?

I'm reminded of what God wants most from us. A deeper relationship. He has this same desire for us in our relationships with each other. He loves when we embrace community...when we embrace relationships.

What are we to learn from Jesus? To love God and love others.

"He requires only that our love be ardent for Him and our hearts be willing to love others in the same way. Simple as that." - Mary DeMuth

The above quote from Mary DeMuth is from her book, "Everything." (Oh how I'm loving this book!) She also write that "Jesus often calls us to risk. He asks us to be vulnerable, to be authentic, so others can see Him in and through us." 

So I challenge myself to go deeper in my relationship with God. And to be vulnerable and authentic in sharing my heart with you. I will take this risk in the hopes that you will see Him through me. As I learn to embrace who I am in Christ, I will embrace His call to simply love others.

Relationships can be scary. I know the fear of getting hurt can be great. That is why it's so important to put your love for God first. -- Love God. Love others. -- When those difficult relationships come, and they will come, God will show you how to still offer grace. As Mary DeMuth says, "He will sustain us, grow us, and keep us sure-footed."

A little side note on that fabulous conversation I had with my dear friend at Panera Bread. I'm hoping the young girls that ended up sitting in our so-called "quiet" area received a little gift from what I'm sure they overheard: the gift of knowing that God extends grace when we open our hearts and simply love. :)

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  1. BE blessed because you are doing exactly what God wants you to do. Don't compare yourself to anyone. You are YOU.. Be happy with what you are doing. God Bless

  2. "...when you go deeper with someone, you walk away from your time together refreshed." Yes. This. This is where my heart lies, not in snapshot conversations that skim the surface, but in the deeper times, when we are real and honest and vulnerable, for that is where true community lies and it nourishes the soul, refreshing us for the journey ahead.


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