Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Randomness (Vol. 19)

Scripture speaking to my heart

"If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, 'Be uprooted and planted in the sea,' and it will obey you." ~ Luke 17: 6

JOY-filled scripture

"You direct me on the path that leads to a beautiful life. As I walk with You, the pleasures are never-ending, and I know true joy and contentment." ~ Psalm 16:11 (Voice)

Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts

"Isn't this the crux of the gospel? The good news that all those living in the land of shadow of death have been birthed into new life, that the transfiguration of a suffering world has already begun. That suffering nourishes grace, and pain and joy are arteries of the same heart -- and mourning and dancing are but movements in His unfinished symphony of beauty. Can I believe the gospel, that God is patiently transfiguring all the notes of my life into the song of His Son?"

A quote I stumped upon

""If asked whether I am finally letting God love me, just as I am, I would answer, 'No, but I'm trying." ~ Brennan Manning, All Is Grace: A Ragamuffin Memoir

This was enough to convince me to read Brennan Manning's book next.

I'm really, really trying to let God love me, just as I am.

A few of my favorite blog reads

"We are made to be together. Not just in the moments when our homes and our hearts are exactly how we’d like them to be. We’re meant to be together as we are. That’s how we live grace." ~ Holley Gerth, Hospitality Starts with Your Heart

"Without a compassionate heart there is no hope for love. Without love there is no hope.
Love is the tie that binds." ~ Meredith Bernard, Woman to Woman: Put It On

A post on FaithGateway, a site I recently found my way to, that you simply need to read. ~ Max Lucado, Leaving Nazareth

"The day the snow started falling, he packed his bags." ~ Duane Scott, For When You Doubt Your Life's Purpose. // I could highlight the entire post but I will let you read on from there.

My favorite, favorite blog reads

"We need more women who are proud of who they are, not trying to hide something. We need more women who will hold up some kind of sign, as if to say: I am preapproved. I am good, as is. I am done with "not enough." I am done with "too much."" ~ Jennifer Dukes Lee, When You’re Tired of a Photoshopped, Airbrushed, Instagram-Filtered Existence // I'm just in awe of this lady. God is using her to change lives.

"I must be beautiful in thought before I am beautiful anywhere else." ~ Lisa-Jo Baker, How to weed out the lie that you are not beautiful // Oh how I pray we can all weed out the lies that we are not beautiful.

An encourager with a new website full of encouragement

My friend Jennifer Peterson has a new website: Scribbling Fresh Words
Get her free e-book, 31 Ways to Brighten Someone's Day, when you subscribe to her blog.
You can also follow her here and here.

Favorite new song

"Breathe in
Breathe out
You will
You will find Him here"

Here, by Kari Jobe

A lovely image by a new friend

A GIFT IN WIND, IN WATER, IN WHITE: Bruce Barone, A Journal of Gratitude
I loved the colors!

Just think...

Check DaySpring Facebook post here. A nice uplifting message.

I'm finding JOY in a deployment #JoyDare #1000gifts

#149 ~ Last minute plans made to meet with a friend for coffee
#150 ~ Seeing my husband's feet while we has been far too long
#151 ~ Audio books
#152 ~ A warm blanket to cuddle up in
#153 ~ Shelves to keep me organized
#154 ~ An evening at the play which brings much laughter
#155 ~ My son's laugh...he holds nothing back
#156 ~ Melting snow
#157 ~ Time with the birthday youngest son turned 22
#158 ~ A call from my oldest son who says amidst tears, “I need you, mom” 
#159 ~ Sorrow…I pray God will use his tears to draw him closer 
#160 ~ Another charm for my Pandora bracelet from my husband
#161 ~ Listening to my youngest son and his father catch up over the phone
#162 ~ Photos...memories that line up on my desk
#163 ~ Signs of spring
#164 ~ Smiles
#165 ~ A walk…rays of sunlight, birds singing and the promise of spring 
#166 ~ Beautiful sounds made by my youngest son as he strums away on his guitar 
#167 ~ Green grass
#168 ~ Puddles
#169 ~ MAIL DAY!
#170 ~ My son's strawberry blond hair
#171 ~ The way my son moves to the rhythm while he plays the guitar
#172 ~ Blessing church friends who are in need
#173 ~ Fresh covering of snow
#174 ~ Trees that sparkle
#175 ~ The American Flag waving as the wind blows
#176 ~ Early morning face-time with my husband
#177 ~ Shoveling away the white snow with my son
#178 ~ New beginnings
#179 ~ My husband's words showing up on my computer, "Good morning, my love"
#180 ~ Dreaming
#181 ~ A big yellow bow that hangs until he comes home


  1. Dear Beth ... may God continue to unite your family in love, even while you are apart. And may you be encouraged because you've shared your gratitudes with your Savior, and with us, your friends.

    1. As always Linda, you bless me with your comment. THANK YOU!

  2. You always find the most amazing things!! So glad that you are still experiencing joy in the life you are living today. Love you and hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

    1. Thanks, Holly. Love you and hope your weekend was WONDERFUL!

  3. ooohh! I love Max Lucado. Thanks for sharing his article. :)

  4. "mourning and dancing are but movements in His unfinished symphony of beauty"

    I love this imagery. I'm reading 1000 Gifts right now as well. There are not sufficient words to explain how incredibly Ann writes and shares deep theology surrounding the importance of gratitude. I am about halfway through and know there is so much more good to come!

    Praying you have a joy-filled weekend!

    1. I know. Me too. That Ann Voskamp is AMAZING! I'm reading using an audio app and what delight it is to have her read to me. :)
      Much love to you.

  5. Your 1000 gifts are adding up and I am glad to read them, Beth! Your card encouraged me and made me smile, just like you always do. God loves you just as you are. You are beautiful and preapproved and a blessing. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. I'm glad you liked your card. :) Love you, friend.

  6. Thank you again for your refreshing blog. Its so great a child say: I need you mom.

    1. Thank you, Jedidja. I always love seeing you here!!

  7. Dear Beth, thank you for all those links. After a season when I could not hear His voice, I am finally able and want to surround myself and read things that are uplifting and encouraging. And #158 just moved me so much. Praying that this deployment passes by fast and your family can be reunited again.

    Maria @ The Good Life

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you, Maria. I'm so glad I could lead you to some places to find encouragement. Thank you so much for your prayers. Blessings.

  8. Maybe it is because my attention span is so gnat like but I love these Friday Randomness posts. I have always loved Brennan M.'s writing. It always touches something deep inside me, and for the record, I am trying to let God love me just as I am too.

    1. I always love seeing you here, Amy. I'm glad yo enjoy the randomness. :)

  9. I really like visiting and reading your Friday Randomness posts - thank you for sharing those things that touched your heart!

  10. So many beautiful things in your post. I love it! Thanks so much for sharing each of these things. :)

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah. Creating this post every week really brings me so much joy. I just love sharing what has blessed me throughout my week. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
      Much love,

  11. Oh that quote from Brennan Manning really touched me. I don't think I am allowing God to love me just where I am, but I'm trying. I wish my heart would catch up with what my head already knows. Loving your randomness!

  12. I love your encouragement here. I am always blessed when I come to your page and leave feeling better.

  13. Oh my, you shared so many good things here. I am going to work my way through them. Loved that post by Duane Scott I think I read it a couple of times just to soak it good! Love that quotefrom Brennan Manning too. How different we would all be if we could catch a glimpse of God's love for us? Life changing, for sure! I hope you are having a good week and resting in His promises for your life and His love for you!!

  14. You are wise, I love to see what you have found. I know it is always spirit-led. You are an encouragement to me. He leads us on a path to a beautiful life, I need to remember this when the days are long and feel gray. Letting him love me just as I am, not so good at this. But I long to be.

  15. I'm going to have to start a Pinterest board of just your Friday randomness... there is so much "good" here I can't possibly absorb it in one "random" reading - thanks, Beth - you are such an inspiration!


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