Thursday, January 21, 2016

I Want God More

Right after I began to write again two events occurred:

1) A reorganization at my place of employment shifted a whole new set of responsibilities to fall under my role as Executive Assistant to the President and CEO,

2) and I discovered Adult Coloring Books.

Truth be told, I have sneaked in a blog post or two (or more) when I should be working. God has convicted me on this each time. I have prayed for more responsibilities and new challenges to fuel a new love for my job. While I am delighted to have less down time to be distracted by non-work related stuff, it comes with sadness for two people who lost their jobs. So now I pray for God’s provision over my former co-workers.

As for Adult coloring books... Oh my, such goodness. Give it a try. I suggest opting for the reflection and worship coloring books. Like this one.

To sum up, other things occupy my attention before writing.

What occupies my attention most is to want God more. I don't say this to boast. It is just the truth: I really want Him more than anything else. I need Him more than anything else. As Lisa Whittle writes in her book I Want God, “until the want matches the need, nothing will ever change. Needing without wanting is just a really good idea that never seas light.”

Lisa's book ignited a revival in my soul. I want Him more.

For me wanting Him more than anything else begins with intentionality. I told you that I am a girl who thrives on routines. On the other hand, I realize wanting God more than anything else includes wanting Him more than comfort. Routines create a sense of comfort for me. Routines are good but there needs to be a balance. There needs to be a willingness to forgo a routine if God calls me to something less comfortable.

Then again, the routines I aim to establish all include more of Him. Through the routines my intimacy with Him grows. Then it seems natural to notice my trust in him grows, and then following Him into the uncomfortable comes with more ease. Not easy; still hard. A little less hard, maybe (not always).

At this point I considered providing you with an outline of routines I've established. I decided otherwise though because what works for me might not work for you. And it isn’t about the routine itself.

Wanting God more than anything else will require sacrifice. I believe one of the primary sacrifices we make is our time. It comes down to this: what matters most? If God matters most (as He should) we need to make time for Him.

Friends, we are saved by faith alone. However, life change happens when we are devoted to knowing Him and His Word and doing what it says. My promise to you... the sacrifices we make to know Him, know His Word and do what it says, are absolutely worth it.

I write this post with profound awe for how God continues to transform me. I experience His transforming power as I devote my life to wanting Him more than anything else. I mess this want up often, but with intention I set myself back on the path of choosing Him first. I remember what I did at first, repent and repeat.

“Consider how far you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first.” Revelation 2:5a

I then move forward into the unknown with Him. Although not completely unknown for I know how it ends: eternity with Him.

"Wanting God is not risk. Living without wanting Him is.” ~ Lisa Whittle

Oh how I want God, more than anything else!

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  1. Beth,
    Always good to read your writing (and see your coloring :). I think we need to be careful not to read any condemnation into Lisa's quote (which too often I do with quotes). God is not going to strike us down or love us less if we are not wanting Him more. I think that God built into us a desire to want to be in relationship with Him. We live in a fallen world and there are always other things to distract us from spending the time to get to know him better, but I believe that desire is built into us...we simply need to answer and pursue that desire. Wanting God is not an act of our will, but reading His word and taking time to commune with Him are. I guess that's my take and I think we need to be careful with how we craftily construct quotes. God loves us no matter what...period. Just some thoughts...
    Love you sweet friend. If there is anyone who wants more of's YOU. You respond so beautifully to the fire He has placed in your heart!!
    Bev xx

  2. I've seen several bloggers mention adult coloring books lately. They say they are therapeutic and stress relieving! I love the examples you gave...maybe I'll have to give it a try!

    Blessings, Joan

    P.S. Another way people can subscribe to your blog since you won't be using social media as much, is for them to use an independent blog catalogue type site such as Blog Lovin'! We don't want to miss out on reading what you want to say, beth! :)

    1. Maybe one day you can walk be through how to use Blog Lovin. So not good with any of that stuff. And you should so give coloring a try!! Much love. xoxo

  3. Hi Beth! Like Joan, I saw this book on another blog. It looks so awesome!
    I've seen these at bookstores, but been intimidated by the small spaces to color. I don't think I'm much for the 'close work'. Maybe I need a good Aladdin and Jasmine coloring book??

    How great that you want more of God. I like that quote from the book you are reading, that until the desire meets the need... and when will that ever happen? Keep soaking up that grace my friend. You are being prepared for good works!

    1. You just need a really sharp pencil for those small spaces, Ceil. :) Hugs to you, friend.

  4. Oh yes, friend, I hear your heart and echo it with my own heart cry to want more of God. And you are so right…getting more of Him will require sacrifice, but it will always be worth it. And those coloring books? I got one for Christmas and haven’t started coloring yet. Maybe over these snow days…;) So glad to see you writing! I feel God stirring me back to my personal blog, as well…I’m just not sure in what capacity or what to say yet. You always encourage me in so many ways. Blessings, friend! <3

    1. I just adore you, Meredith. It may have taken me over a week to respond to comments but seeing you here on 1/22 just made my day. Love you so. xoxo

  5. The coloring gives me an opportunity to settle my mind, and listen. A good interlude between mind-numbing days and time to focus on God and His word. I love that He is quickening your spirit with a renewed and deep desire for Him, and Him alone. May we all feel the same quickening! Blessings!

  6. For the past several years, God keeps asking me the same thing: "Sharon, is it really just Me?" And my most honest answer is, "Yes, Lord. But help me when I falter and lose my focus." There are no greater pursuits than our pursuit of Him - solely for Him, for the relationship. Not for what He can give us, nor for what we bring to Him. But just two spirits, joined forever through the sacrifice of Jesus.

    Moving forward, moving closer...


    1. Oh, Sharon. I hear Him asking me the same at times and love your honest response to Him. Lord, help us when we falter. And there is absolutely no greater pursuit. Love that we move forward together in this online space. Love you so. God Bless!

  7. Beth! I love the new look, simple, yet, inviting.
    Praise God for His work in us — "I experience His transforming power as I devote my life to wanting Him more than anything else."
    (I so can relate to your wrestling with personal blogging.)

    1. I just love seeing you here, Rebekah, and love seeing you write again. Praise God!!

  8. Hi Beth! I really like your new, clean look. Your image on the sidebar is really good too. I think it convey's your open heart very well.
    Still figuring out the best date. I'll be back to you soon :)
    I wonder what you have up your sleeve for writing? Can't wait to chat!

    1. Thank you, Ceil! And I know we will figure out a date soon. I also have a Morton Arboretum membership this year so we can meet there when it get warmer. Hugs to you. xoxo


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