Saturday, October 20, 2012

Simply Beth

Hello! I'm Beth...not Elizabeth...Simply Beth.

If you are joining me here from my previous blog site, From an Army Wife and Navy Mom, thank you for your continual support.

Why the new blog site? 

When I first started this blogging adventure both my husband and son were completing their military training. We were just beginning our new journey of becoming a military family.  Because this was a completely new experience for me, many of my posts were related to the changes taking place in our life and how I was surviving. Blogging was an outlet to get me through that time. 

As is typically the case when you try something new, you improve as you practice. While I'm far from mastering this craft of writing, I have more confidence in my writing. I felt it was time for my blog to reflect confidence.

I also discovered as I settled into our new life of being a military family that my focus was no longer specifically related to being an Army Wife and Navy Mom anymore. It was more about the journey God started me on after we became a military family. My writing became more about where He was taking me.

My blog title no longer seemed appropriate and I felt God telling me it was time to move beyond my comfort zone of writing in my small little world. It was time to truly trust Him and believe He was calling me to write. But, I wanted to write with more of a purpose. I needed a mission for my writing.

What's my mission?  "Do everything in love."  1 Corinthians 16:14

What I hope you find here is this is what God is teaching me. To love more and more.

No matter what, I will share my heart with love. I hope wherever you are in your life that quite possibly you will find encouragement here. And I hope you will join me in my mission. What a wonderful world this would be if everything we did was done with love.

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