Saturday, July 6, 2013

My week in photos, and a few things learned.

And oh what a GLORIOUS week it was.

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Let us begin...caption first and then photo(s). I have lots of photos this week!

This town of mine has had a Farmer's Market every summer for years. They took last summer off but it has returned this summer. I may be addicted after making my first visit. Going to new places is much more fun with a friend so my friend Jill came along.

Flavored Pasta? I did not know there was such a thing. I can't wait to try.

Twice a month Jill and I also make our way to Operation Support our Troops - America to help prepare care packages for our troops serving in harms way. This wonderful organization sends out about 400 care packages a month. Remember friends...we are still a country at war. Let's support those who preserve the freedoms we enjoy! If you have someone serving in harm's way, please let me know and I will make sure they receive a package.

We are filling those Ziploc bags with gum.

This place is AMAZING! Many, many hands help prepare these care packages.
Lots of goodies and love is sent to our troops.

My sister and her two children joined me for an afternoon of fun at FamFest (brought to you by Living Hope Church.) It was wonderful to enjoy this yearly event with little ones by my side. Plus, I love sharing my church with others.

Enjoying her first time drinking from a straw.
I'm thinking she was loving her Aunt Beth!

A picture simply can't come close to describing how wonderful of an evening we had when celebrating the life of my Uncle Gene. Our evening of celebration included meeting cousins for the first time, hearing stories about our grandpa who we never met and remembering a man who was truly an amazing giver. I don't know how to accurately describe how beautiful this evening was.

Those are my wonderful parents to the right.
The two women on the left are cousins along with their spouses.

Have I told you how much I love my church? FamFest wrapped up on Sunday morning with an outdoor collide service. My mother came along for this morning of worship (I got to share my church again!) and let me just say I was overflowing with joy. I love Living Hope Church!

I was still overflowing with joy from a glorious morning of worshiping God as my husband and I soaked up the sun over lunch. I'm pretty sure I told my husband over and over again how happy I was. God is so GOOD!

He hates when I make him take these photos but he's a trooper!

One would think the weekend couldn't get any better. (Yes, we are only on day 2 of my week!) After lunch we enjoyed a basketball game of HORSE with our younger son and his girlfriend before they headed to work. Good times were had even though I was the first to get H-O-R-S-E.

Saturday is her birthday. Happy Birthday Hayley! We love you.

My favorite picture from the week!

Let's fast forward a couple days to celebrating our Independence Day! Happy 4th of July, friends! The day itself was relatively quiet for us but we enjoyed our time together as this town of ours set off some fireworks.

Notice the Declaration of Independence shirt he's wearing!

Friday finally came. A few hours were spent at the office and then it was time for some fun. Our evening was spent with church friends. (I love my church!) We gathered out on our patio for a barbecue, played bags and basketball, and did lots of laughing. The bugs eventually brought us inside. 

Love our smiles! I'm not sure what my hubby is doing...maybe the bugs got to him.

Today (Saturday) my husband and I are headed to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for two days. I'm ready for alone time with that man!

A few things learned...

1) I miss my son and his wife something fierce. August can't come soon enough. Every week you should expect to see photos from them as these are what keep me going until we are together again.

2) Just when I think I couldn't love my church any more than I do, they do something spectacular to make me love them more. The weekend at FamFest truly blew me away. Oh, I learned our Executive Pastor can rap. He's super cool! He also married our son and his wife so he holds a special place in our hearts.

3) I discovered once you decide to capture your week in photos you start to take lots and lots of photos. You must be wondering if this post will ever end. :)

4) Yes this post will end and it will end by telling you how each and every day God is showing me how blessed I am with an amazing family, good friends and one fabulous church.

Now is the time when you hop on over and say hello to my friend Shannon. She is the one who inspired me to do this weekly post. We are new friends but I love her already and I'm confident you will love her too. She has a beautiful family!

Don't forget to share something from your week in the comments or on my Facebook page. PLEASE!

Wishing you all a week filled with many blessings.


  1. It's so great to love your church so much!!!! I feel the same way - it's a big blessing! And, um, your mom is stunning!!!! Also, I can't wait til my nephew is old enough to use a straw so I can earn brownie points like you did - rock on, girl!!!!

    1. Oops, I linked to my Google - my actual link is


    2. I'm loving our Saturday's together Shannon! Btw, I also gave my niece her first sucker that day so I do believe I rock! lol.
      Have a wonderful week!

  2. I enjoyed your week in photos, Beth! Your love is contagious - I could feel the excitement for your church!

    1. Thank you, Carrie! I appreciate you stopping in for a visit!

  3. Loved seeing your week in photos, Beth! Such precious memories and gifts to thank the Lord for. I'll have to find out where we have an Operation Support Our Troops.
    Your 4th of July photos were outstanding! I can never get any that are not blurry!

    1. Thank you, Janis! I'm enjoying sharing my week with friends. I took many pictures of the fireworks and completely is rather difficult to get a good shoot. I was grateful for the few that came out.

  4. Enjoyed these photos so much!! What a beautiful family you have Beth, so blessed! I only have one photo from the weekend and I look like a blimp! I guess that's because I am one right now due to steroids and immobility, boo. But I had a great weekend with my kids. We went to an outdoor showing of Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark at the Indpls Museum of Art, sprayed ourselves down with mosquito repellant, took our picnic dinner, blankets, and a chair for me :) We had a blast. Such a good time I am planning our next movie! We lucked out with the weather though on this one, might not be as cool the next time. Blessings to you dear friend. ♥

    1. Hello Nannette, Thanks for stopping in and sharing. I love hearing about your weekend with your kids! It's been years since I've gone to an outdoor theatre. You may have inspired me to give this another try as I know we have one near by.
      Btw, it sounds like we aren't that far from each other. I live in the NW suburbs of Chicago.
      Blessings to you,


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