Thursday, July 25, 2013

Snapshot Love—from a concert to a baptism

Welcome to Snapshot Love. This is a place to collect and share the moments from the week. Let's cherish and capture them so we do not forget how God blesses us in both the small and big things. May we carry a heart of gratitude with us at all times.

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I'm posting earlier than usual as I will soon be on my way to Guatemala (or possibly already there if you are coming by a few days later) for my first short-term mission trip. I've got butterflies in my stomach but I'm ready to meet Jesus there to serve His Guatemalan people. May the Spirit of God be with our entire mission team throughout this trip.

Let us begin...

We (Jill and I) return to the Farmer's Market.

Our new friend was rather generous and donated two bags of Kettle Corn to us. He's an Army dad and when he discovered we were on our way to a concert being held to support our troops he wanted to be a part of our day!
We loved him!

A concert...
Operation Support our Troops - America
Rockin' For the Troops 2013
An annual fundraising event, now in its eighth year.

Jill and I are representing Army, Navy and Marines. How cool is that?

My way cool Army guy! He's so handsome.

I put Jill to work (I'm a board member so I can!) at one of the product tents.
She appears to be having too much fun.

Jill got me this awesome Navy duck. She is a sweetie! Love her!
I sent a picture to my Navy son via text and informed Jill of the response I would most likely receive from him.
Sure enough, moments later I had a text from my son that said, "You're a nerd!"
(Exact words I had shared with Jill.)

Yep! I love my friend Jill.
I've know Jill since our kids were small ones but once our boys joined the military we became extra close.
We now travel together for most military related events.

Meet Gene! (Jill's husband of course.)
He's a silly man. He and I had a few popcorn fights. The Kettle Corn was put to good use.
Sorry, Kettle Corn Army Dad!

The knee in the background of this picture is driving me crazy but what are ya gonna do?
We are one adorable couple! At least I think so.

One of the glorious things about this concert is seeing our
Red, White and Blue displayed proudly throughout the park. Love, love!

No words needed for these two.

A World War II Veteran bowing his head as we sing our National Anthem.
Wow, I've got tears now.

Our men being lazy.

Do you think we wore the men out? This picture brings a smile to my face! hehe
It was a GLORIOUS afternoon.


Meet our Guatemala Mission Team!
Please be praying for us all.

A total of 26 people will be traveling to Guatemala. God is AMAZING!

A baptism...

I'm unable to look at these next several photos without crying.
There is a story behind these photos that you can read here.

(Btw, there is this new fabulous weekly link up by Crystal Stine called Behind the Scenes
You must check it out. There are so many wonderful stories behind a photos)

What I discovered as I looked at these over and over again is that I am married to a man that loves me deeply. I was overcome with emotions over the look in his eyes. The tears begin to fall once again.

See those eyes? I am so blessed.

I love all the smiles. It was an afternoon filled with smiles as there were 10 others baptized this day.

Pastor Jay is asking me, "Are you declaring your faith in Jesus Christ? "Oh yes I am!

Here comes my tears again...

How do you describe this feeling? I felt God's loving embrace as I came out of the water.
"I'm all in, God!"

I love how I immediately looked for my husband and there he was rejoicing with me.

Friends we must rejoice. I think I knew this day would always come for me but for this man...
as Pastor Jay once said, "It's a miracle." A miracle that only God can perform.


"Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice." ~ Philippians 4:4

My favorite! Thank you, God, that your plans for our marriage were greater than ours.

Maybe I'm crazy but when I look at this picture I see Jesus sitting there radiating in all His glory
and rejoicing over the many who had declared their faith in Him.

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.
And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." ~ Matthew 28:19-20

The rest of my week consisted of preparing for Guatemala so I have no other photos to share. And this seems like a perfect way to end.

I will not be posting next week so please go on over and meet my friend Shannon, if you haven't already, as she will continue with the Blog Hop next Saturday. I'm leaving without any electronic devices so my blog will be silent for now. I'm always grateful for the comments you leave and will respond as soon as I return. God bless.


  1. Beth,
    I loved your week in photos...tears of happiness to see you declare, "Jesus, I'm all in" at your baptism! I do believe Jesus was there in that chair - smiling at His beautiful sister! I will miss you while in Guatemala, but I know that God is up to big things and can't wait to hear about them upon your return. Safe travels my dear friend and know my prayers are with you every day!
    With love and ((hugs)),

  2. What a week, girl!!!! I'm in tears, too, seeing your beautiful baptism photos. The concert sounds like such a fun amazing time as well. I am praying for you while you're in Guatemala, and I can't wait for the stories of what the Lord is doing there as well as doing in your heart. These things change you so much.... It's great and hard all at once. When I came back from Ukraine, my heart was leveled so completely that it was a big adjustment for me being back home. I am praying for you and sending love! I know God is up to something GOOD!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, Beth, this was such a beautiful post!!!! ALL of it!!! I still have tears in my eyes from the baptism pictures!!!! Praise the Lord for such a precious day for you and your husband!!! The pictures are amazing and capture so much emotion :) {hugs!!!} ~ The concert for the troops looked like a blast!! I am so thankful for people like you who love and support ALL of our troops :) God bless America and those who fight for us!! ~ I am praying for your mission trip, that is so exciting, and I can't wait to hear all about it!! ~ Blessings to you my friend, have a wonderful week!!

  4. This was so beautiful, Beth. I feel blessed to have watched!! God is amazing!

  5. Love posts like this. . .with real people living it out. Thanks, Beth.

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