Saturday, August 24, 2013

Snapshot Love—a family together again. {part 2]

***Snapshot Love — capturing both the small and big everyday moments.*** 

Our day's our not meant to be rushed. As Jeff Goins writes in his post, Three Reasons You Need to Slow Down, "When we race from one thing to the next, we end up leading busy, but insignificant lives." 

While in San Diego I took some advice from Jeff and slowed down to appreciate what each moment had to offer. It was all about being present with my family. We had a beautiful few days together. (For some Snapshot Love from Part 1 go here.)

A leisurely stroll in La Jolla, CA

La Jolla is blessed with lots and lots of sea lions.

I love these next few photos of the men in my life lending a helping hand to the girls.

One of my favoritesmy military men!

This next photo would be fabulous if the men were actually smiling like I am.

I should note if you happen to be on our holiday card list don't be surprised if any of these family photos reappear on our card for the upcoming holiday. With the few times the entire family is together in a year that is just the way it goes. I was too excited to share and undecided on which one's I'd use for the card so consider yourself as potentially having a preview of what's to come.

After our time in La Jolla we headed to Carlsbad, CA for lunch. We had plans to make several stops along the coast on the way back but our plans were changed due to a slight emergency.
I will share more later in this post.

Since stops along the coast did not happen for us we eventually ended up back at one of our favorite placesCoronado Island. We walked up and down Orange Street to do some window shopping and then the girls choose to do some beach bumming while the boys played Frisbee.

We returned to Coronado again for some more beach bumming the day before we departed CA.

A great action shot I must say.

This is another favorite! I love my boys and love how they have become friends.

There was a mom and two girls who thought it might be fun to feed the birds.
Nearby birds quickly caught on as this got much worse than the picture shows.
My family was also guilty of trying to contribute but the birds weren't a fan of pretzels.
They did love the little bean bags we had in our possession; we had a few less before we left.

It was only matter of time before Jeremy ended up buried in the sand. It's so him!

This is about as far as he got even though he had hopes for a grand ole' sand castle.

I'm not fond of cigars but since my husband was overly happy with this photo I figured it was only right of me to share. Apparently he and my oldest son like to have one every now and then.

It's the simple moments we had together that won my heart most.

The simple moments:

Hugging my son after six months apart.
Praying together before every meal.
Lunch with the girls on a rooftop.
Watching the men play Frisbee together.
The many walks we took.
Evenings by the pool.
Taking my son to his dentist appointment.
and the list could go on.

Two of my favorite moments:

We made a somewhat speedy return from Carlsbad when our younger son (Jeremy) realized he left his insulin back at the hotel. (He has Type 1 Diabetes.) Later that evening he apologized for ruining our plans. I ensured him his health was what mattered most and how it's all about how we respond in those situations. Apparently God had other plans for us that day. He surprisingly said to me, "God was with us, Mom?" My response was obviously, "Oh, yes He was. He is always with us."

After a difficult morning on the golf course for my oldest son (Zackary) I had the opportunity to give him a hug. It was a hug that lingered longer than a normal hug. The way he held on told me he needed it. A part of me wishes I had prayed out-loud with him before letting go but I hope God spoke to him through that hug.

My children are not followers of Christ. I'm not sure what prompted the comment from Jeremy. He could have been slightly teasing me for believing God is always with us. My gut tells me God is working in both of them and  will one day win their hearts!

Oh my, this went longer than I intended so I will end here. My friend Shannon is busy preparing for her move from an old Victorian home to a 200 year-old farmhouse so she is taking a break from blogging. I'm sure she would appreciate some encouragement and prayers so hop on over to her page won't you please?

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  1. Oh dear - I left a long comment and it seems like it didn't "go." Shoot. Anyway, I totally and completely love the photo of your hubby with the cigar - I thought it was a pedicure photo at first - ha! I love how he's framed by these gorgeous, girly polished toenails while he's having his man-moment. Very Mad Men-esque. :) (Is that a random comparison?)

    Also the time to be with all your kiddos is totally precious and priceless. Those lingering hugs and the fun adventures (and the sea lions!!!!) and prayer around the dinner table. Sweet moments to tuck in your heart. What a blessing. And your family is super-gorgeous! Of course.

  2. Ahhh Beth- man, I'm kind of speechless. I call it a privilege that you let us in your life this week. And, I'm praying for those sweet boys of yours. I choose to think God is working on their hearts too. This was lovely, absolutely lovely. And your daughter-in-law does take fabulous pictures.

  3. Awesome photos. I'm going to be in SD in November at Point Loma for my college reunion. Thanks for sharing these photos and the little stories too. I'm praying for your kiddos. He. Is. Faithful. (Love the new digs - Traci did a great job.)


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