Monday, August 26, 2013

Announcing—Three Word Wednesday Link Up

It's started many months ago when developing a daily theme for status updates on my blog Facebook page. I was in need of a theme for Wednesday's so I asked my lovely followers for their thoughts. A dear Navy Mom friend came up with Three Word Wednesday. Oh what a delight Wednesday's have been ever sense.

The first several months I only shared on Facebook. Then I began sharing on Twitter too. Last week, Three Word Wednesday appeared in its first official post (read here). The response was amazing.

It had been on my heart to eventually make Three Word Wednesday a link up. I was waiting for God to let me know when it was the right time. God used several of you to encourage me to take a leap of faith and begin this weekly link up. So this Wednesday (8/28/13) we will have our first Three Word Wednesday Link Up.

Every Wednesday I will share three words on my blog. Many times I will share only a photo and three words but there may be times when I share scripture or a few (maybe many) sentences to go along with it. It all depends on how God leads me after giving me the three words.

I will include a linky so join can join in. You can share only photo and three words, or you can write as much as you would like as long as the theme of your post is based on three words.

The linky will go live by no later than 7:00 AM, CST every Wednesday.

To participate simply,
  1. Choose three words
  2. Share a post, photo, scripture — anything that highlights the three words you have chosen. (link up your post URL, not your blog homepage)
  3. Family-friendly posts only. Anything else will be removed.
  4. Grab the button on my home page to use in your post or simply link back to my blog.
  5. Find someone (or a few) to encourage with a comment
  6. We can also connect on Twitter with the #ThreeWordWednesday hashtag.
  7. Don't have a blog? Share your three words in the comments or on my blog Facebook page.
  8. Help spread the word and get others involved.
Come back on Wednesday morning and link up.

P.s. A special thanks to Lyli, Barbie and Kristin for their encouragement. I love you ladies.


  1. Beth, love this idea!

    Maria @ Bloom

  2. Hi Beth! Congrats on the new link-up launch! I hope to join. It's an intriguing idea. I guess I would like to see yours before I know exactly what to do.

    Thank you for your visit today. It's always lovely to see your smiling face :)

  3. Oh friend, I am excited about this. I do hope that God will allow me the opportunity to link up, perhaps not every week, but when I can. I love that you took this step. Once your button is ready, I'll put it on my sidebar :)


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