Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Randomness (Vol. 4)

How about we skip any kind of introduction this week and go straight to randomness. Sending hugs to all of you because...well, I just love you!

Scripture speaking to my heart

"I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint." ~ Jeremiah 21:35

This verse has been on my heart since shared by a Chaplain last weekend. Oh how He refreshes and satisfies!

Jesus Calling Devotional Love

"I will give strength to you, and I will bless you with peace." (November 4th)

Faith Deployed...Again (a new daily devotional love of mine) — by Jocelyn Green

"Sometimes we wish prayer to be the rudder that changes the course of our entire lives. Yet I wonder if it's our hearts—through the small spoken, the actual truths, the directed breaths—that end up changing. And that's more the point than anything." ~ Leeana Tankersley (pg. 31)

More from Let Hope In

"Life is one giant lesson in love. It's not about how much we get (acquisition), how much we do (accomplishment), or how much we earn (achievement). It's not about all the other things we're told life's about. God put us on earth to learn to love. We were created to receive love and give love." ~ Pastor Pete Wilson (pg. 178 - Loving Deeply)

Pastor Pete Wilson writes in this portion of the book what I wish I could say in the Love Others page of my blog (which still remains blank). If it was possible the entire chapter would have been copied and pasted here.

God moments

The military spouses and significant others from my husband's unit rock! God has placed some pretty amazing ladies in my life. There have been many wonderful moments with them this past week. God is SO good!

Favorite blog read from the week

Courtney of Women Living Well pulls from the archives but her post When Your Home Does Not Feel Like A Haven was a first time read for me. She turns to Psalm 23 and drinks in a glass of His living word.

Because I love all these ladies I'm encouraging you once again to read a few of the posts from those who linked up for Three Word Wednesday. The newest contributors are at #15, #18 and #20. Let's show them some love. Would you also consider joining us next week if you haven't already?

Favorite Internet find

Every service member should receive this kind of welcome home: 13 Marines Get Impromptu Welcome Home. And I love that this took place here in Chicago at O'Hare Airport. Kudos to the USO for all they do to support our troops.

What are you reading?

The first Friday of every month the Circles of Faith contributors are sharing what they are reading. There are two ways you can join. Check out the "First Friday Book Faves" to find out more. Surprise, Surprise — I'm over there recommending Let Hope In.

Walking Well With God 

My sweet, sweet friend Bev of Walking Well With God is giving away a copy of Ann Voskamp's book One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are and a DaySpring coffee mug. To enter, subscribe to her blog during the months of November and December. I'd love both but honestly what I love more is her heart and I love when her new post is emailed to me on Thursday morning.

Please forgive me

I've been horrible with responding to your comments recently. Please forgive me! My husband has my full attention right now so less and less time is spent in front of the computer. I do read every one of them and I'm grateful for ALL of you. Your prayers for my family continue to be felt.


What could one have to say about a dine-in? I'm all giddy over the dine-in we had at a local restaurant earlier this week to support my husband's deploying unit. We continue to be blown away by all the love and support. I wish you could all go over to Coach's Corner to show them some love.

I'm finding blessings in a deployment

~ Moments on the sofa when we cuddle together
~ Dinners out every evening because he no longer wants to cook
~ Bulk shopping which equals shelves full of necessities for the upcoming year
~ A sports team who wants to honor our deploying soldiers
~ Friends who offer to take pictures of us together
~ Neighbors who invite you over for one last celebratory dinner
~ The many heartfelt prayers being lifted


  1. Hi Beth! I know what you mean my friend about responding to your the same boat! But life happens and that's a GOOD thing, right!! So love your Friday's the small things that count! Have a blessed weekend my friend and enjoy your family!!

  2. Hi Beth! What encouraging things you are doing here! You are really getting the word out about other blogs, you are such a faithful blog-friend to these ladies. What an inspiration in generosity.

    I know I don't always do the Wednesday blog hop, but I'll try to get over here in the next week or two. I really do love it, I was one of your first entries! Its a great concept.
    So glad you are feeling the support of your sisters in the military. Where would we be without our good friends who feel what we feel, and share their hearts?

    Hope you have a great weekend. Thank you for your visit, it was so nice to see you :)

  3. Hi Beth - The devotional Faith Deployed...Again got me through our last deployment, too. There is a great devotional for your husband (a girlfriend sent me both Faith Deployed and the one for my hubby before he left). It's called Strength For Service (to God and Country). It's awesome. It was originally published in 1942! It has stood the test of time. I'm praying for your family as the deployment approaches! I'm so happy to hear that your unit is supportive. There's no one like the ones walking in your shoes. Hugs to you, friend.

  4. Good stuff from your good heart :)

  5. Beth,
    I love when you share the randomness of your love-filled heart! Oh how surprised and tickled I was when I read your "shout out" to my are such a great support and encourager!! I love the quote from "Faith Deployed...Again" about how prayer changes our hearts. I am so lifting you and your family up in my prayers as your hubby's deployment draws near. May the God of all comfort surround you with His loving arms!
    Love and ((hugs)),

  6. Ok those quotes were awesome! And I'll head over to those blogs very soon:) how wonderful to see you recognizing blessings all around and not taking those things for granted. And for some reason, the fact that people offer to take pictures of you and your husband together really touched me. How beautiful:)

  7. This post made me so happy! I've been so busy settling into my new home and catching up with friends and family (who I haven't lived around in 10 years!) that I haven't been able to stay up-to-date with my blog reading... but as soon as I popped in I noticed your beautiful new design - and the same inspiring optimism and hope in all of your posts :) Sending hugs to you and your family as you prepare for your husband's deployment ♥ xo


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