Monday, December 9, 2013

Coffee Talk With Jesus {Book Review and Giveaway}

Do you know my friend Barbie Swihart of My Freshly Brewed Life?

Because I love her so much I've talked about her here before. She also guest posted for Three Word Wednesday a couple months ago. You can read her guest post here.

I'm not known for having a very good memory but I'm pretty sure I met Barbie through the Five Minute Friday link-up. And I'm pretty sure we connected because she would always leave encouraging comments on my post. She's kind of like that—always encouraging. my past two Friday Randomness posts I've shared with you a quote from Barbie's new book Coffee Talk With Jesus: Intimate Chats with the Savior. I had the privilege of being a part of the launch team for her fabulous new book and I'm super excited to highlight what I loved most and to give away a copy. Doesn't her book look pretty? I have a feeling it is even prettier when holding in your hands.

I will be honest with you. I have not completely finished reading her book yet. How can I give a review of her book without finishing it first?

Oh dear friends let me share with you what it was like when I began reading...

I waited to begin reading as I knew exactly when her words would be needed. I know Barbie well enough to be certain her words would encourage. And I knew when I got on the plane to go see my husband one last time before he deployed that encouragement would be needed.

So I got on the plane, pulled out a printed copy of the PDF version she provided me with and began reading.

Barbie's book is a 31-Day Devotional that invites you to spend time with Jesus. She writes in a way that quickly makes you feels as though you are sitting across from Him with your cup of coffee (or a cup of tea possibly.)

Immediately I felt Him with me; which is why I have yet to finish her book. It's time you don't want to rush.

At the end of each devotional she provides space for reflection and prayer. My PDF copy has notes all over the place. As I look back at my notes, I can see how she truly did take me to a place of talking with Him.

What I really want you to know is how the first fifteen days of her book helped to get me through one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. She took me to the place I needed to be—with Jesus. Because the strength I needed to say good-bye to my husband could only be found in Him.

Have I told you her book also includes multiple recipes all including coffee as an ingredient? They sound so yummy.

Time with Jesus + coffee = JOYFULNESS!


  1. I have read a few reviews of this book and it sounds more and more awesome! And I have a weekly coffee date with some friends, so I think I am going to incorporate it. Share the love, right? Just so excited to read it:) Have a beautiful Monday! Hugs:)

  2. I haven't read the book yet but I've being following Barbie's blog for a long time now and she's a gifted writer. I knew the book would be such a blessing. I have enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts on it.

  3. Beth, thank you, thank you. I am so grateful our paths have crossed in blogging and truly hope the Lord will make a way for us to meet in person one day soon.

  4. Dear Beth
    I have known Barbie for more than a year now. I remember how she had a link-up last December on how to prepare our hearts for God. I cannot agree more; Barbie is a great encourager and I never stop telling her this. She is such a humble, gentle lady and I am honored to be one of her blog friends. Thank to you, Barbie, for this book, sweet friend, now it is time you must begin to truly know how special you are to your Pappa. Have I mentioned that she is an incredibly humble person!!
    Blessings XX

  5. Hi Beth!!! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving my friend!! This must be an awesome book, because my friend Ashley over at This Southern Girl's Heart is giving this book away also. I guess I'm doubling my chances huh? Lol! I've got to go over and check out Barbie's blog, thanks for the giveaway! Blessings! xoxoxo

  6. Believe it or not, I don't drink coffee. Or hot drinks, really. I could go for some REAL hot chocolate every now and then when it's cold. :) Anyway - this book sounds fabulous. I'm thankful it came at the right time for you. What a true blessing.

  7. Hi Beth! Even though I have Barbie's devotional in the e-book format, I couldn't resist entering to win "the real thing"!! There is just something about holding the book in your hands while curled up on the couch drinking a cup of coffee that is so special!

    blessings, Joan

  8. Sounds like a great devo. I love those that leave you pondering the words and wanting to dig deeper. Sounds perfect with a hot cup of coffee (which I just started drinking again bc it's COLD outside :) )

  9. Barbie has been such an encouragement to me from the first day I stopped by her blog! This is surely a book I would love to read while enjoying my coffee early in the morning, especially now that it is very cold here.


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