Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Christmas Home Tour ~ 2013

Over at The Nester many blogger's are sharing a tour of their Christmas home. Two dear friends, Kristin and Barbie, inspired me to join in. I'm not sure if I will link up but I thought I would still share with you a bit of my Christmas. My simple Christmas that is.

The wreath has significance as I purchased it to lay at the grave site of a friend of my dad's who was killed in the Vietnam War. We were unable to get to his grave site this year so instead I have hung the wreath in his memory.

{A quick side note: last weekend I joined Wreaths Across America by placing wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery to remember our fallen heroes. You can see my photos here.}

If you happen to be visiting my place for the first time, this will be a difficult Christmas for my family as my husband is currently deployed. I ask you to please pray for our service members and their families who will spend Christmas apart. Thank you.

You will quickly discover I have a thing for snowmen. I'm not sure why. There are not many winters I recall being outdoors building snowmen as I dislike being out in the cold. Nonetheless, my Christmas theme is primarily snowmen.

I also keep things very simply in my home so decorations are kept rather simple.

These three snowmen sit above the refrigerator. They find a home somewhere within the house every year no matter what since they were painted by my mother-in-law. She is missed dearly.

I love this cute guy. Years ago he had a string of ornaments hanging from one hand to the next but the string broke. It wasn't in me to part ways with him just because he didn't have his string of ornaments anymore. None of us are perfect. Maybe it's his imperfection that I love.

The carrot-nose snowman was once broken too. A bit of wood glue to re-attach his legs made it possible for him to still have a home every year. The window over the kitchen sink has been his favorite spot. Please ignore the dirty window!

Fancy Santa has a story. (Once again, ignore the overly obvious cup stains on our piano.) He was a gift from a former boss and his wife. They happen to be billionaire's and I'm sure Santa has quite the value associated with him. Their generous Christmas gifts every year made me smile as they never seemed to quite fit our simple home. I don't find Santa overly appealing but he makes an appearance every Christmas.

Now this Santa I adore. He is usually the first to find a home. He too was painted by my mother-in-law. She was one talented lady. I miss her. She would be so proud of her son right now.

And the snowman...I have about five of these but only put out two this year.

There is no good place in our home to hang stockings. Once they are stuffed they will need to go somewhere else or the table will fall over. Yes, I know they are rather plain. I'm all about simple! I do plan to have names embroidered on them. However, I've said that the past couple years and they still remain blank. Next year! In the background are a few of my favorite family photos.

I love my helpers. These two are two of my greatest blessings. Trying to survive this deployment without them would not be pretty. They take care of me in so many ways. Primarily, they keep me smiling. By the way, my son really needs a hair cut. :)

You can laugh at our tree. Really, go ahead. I have no clue what is up with the shape. Seriously, did we put it up wrong? I don't care though. The two blessings in the previous picture make me LOVE this tree. {Kristin: I have an odd shaped tree and you have a crazy tree!}

The tree looks better lit up don't you think? It's still oddly shaped. The "Merry Christmas" I added to the photo is covering up the coffee cup I forgot to move before taking the picture. :)

Before you compliment me on the nativity scene, it's not mine nor does it reside in my home. I stopped by to say hello to my parent's (they live right down the street from me) and seeing this always reminds me of childhood Christmases. My mother made each piece and they would be placed under the tree every Christmas. The picture doesn't come close to revealing their true beauty.

I hung these ornaments a few years back. It was decided they could have a year round presence in our home after being hung as they go perfectly with our patriotic decor. I love our Red, White and Blue.

Taking a picture of the hallway did not prove to be easy. This was the best I could do.

Our small bathroom actually has four snowmen in it even though you are only seeing two (up and down). While I'm not giving you a full view, I so love the way my husband did our bathroom. It's rather awesome. It took him a LONG time but it was worth the wait.

Even though I love Mr. Snowman, ending with a picture from the bathroom doesn't feel appropriate so...

I'm sending you Christmas greetings from my beautiful family. The picture above is from a few Christmases back but happens to be one of my favorites. I'm grateful my Navy son and his wife will soon by home for Christmas.

And again, your prayers are appreciated for my family, and the many others who are celebrating Christmas apart. I miss this man something fierce right now.

Merry Christmas dear friends. Wishing you peace, love and joy.

Come, let us adore Him...

It's decided...I'm sharing with The Nester where you can tour the homes of many.


  1. I LOVE it! Love all of the snowmen, and I think I have that same wooden bear, somewhere. You are brave to link up with The Nester. Good for you ! Me? Not so brave. I will visit your friend Kristin too! Hugs!

    1. Thanks, Barbie. How funny that we have the same bear. Thanks for inspiring me to do this post.
      love you.

  2. Awwww. I love this. It helps me feel as if I know you better!

    1. Thanks, Amy. It was a fun post to do. I'm looking forward to the day we meet in real life. Hope it's soon!!

  3. Beautiful, Beth! Thank you for sharing your home this Christmas! I was inspired by Barbie, too...and posted a tour of my home yesterday! Anyway, I think your tree looks great! I don't notice anything oddly shaped about it...It is just dancing to Christmas music, right? :-) Love all the snowmen, too! In fact, I feel the sudden urge to drive "up the hill" on Saturday and build one of our own!! Lol! Thanks again for sharing!!

    Blessings, Joan

    1. It's Saturday morning... go "up the hill" and build that snowman! Love you, Joan. Grateful for our new connection. Many blessings.

  4. So sorry you're having to celebrate Christmas without the physical presence of your husband. May God bless your family for this sacrifice made for all of us! Loved seeing the decorations in your home. I have ended up with several snowmen through the years so I guess I'd say I collect them too. ha.

    1. Thank you, Lisa, for stopping in for a visit and for your kinds words. Merry Christmas.

  5. I love seeing this! You have a house full of love, my friend. Praying for you all this Christmas. I was just looking at old photos and have a framed picture of us two years ago - My hubby came home from Afghanistan on December 23. It was the best Christmas ever. My heart aches for all the families who have to be apart over Christmas. Your homecoming celebration will be beyond words. Love and hugs to your my dear friend! Merry Christmas!

    1. You always make me smile! Thank you for your prayers and I join you with that aching heart for all who spend Christmas apart from their loved one. I know the time to plan for the homecoming will come quickly! Love you. Merry Christmas.

  6. I think of you, Beth, and pray you will find comfort in God's presence while your dear husband is deployed.

    1. Thank you, Rebekah. The prayers continue to mean so much to me.

  7. Dear Beth, not only was the tour of your sweet home and family a blessing to me this evening, but all 117 photos of Arlington National Cemetery/Wreaths Across America has touched my heart so BIG right now. Your words on my blog that you had these and that you thought they would mean something to me is so very right...having just been there a few short months ago to lay my mother with my father there. I have always thought this mission was so important and powerful. Looking at each of your pictures brought it to life more than a few here and there. Seeing those 18-wheelers rolling in and all of those people. WOW! I am so pleased that you were able to go this year. And you have blessed me by sharing this journey. Thank you so much for mentioning it in your comment. I love you so and continue to pray for you, your husband and your family. May the Lord be with you this Christmas holding onto you, Beth, when you might let go of Him for even a second. With a love from a sister in Christ, ~ linda

  8. Oh my Beth, I love this tour! I feel like I know you better through this little visit. You've inspired me. I may just have to do a little House Tour on my blog. I love Christmas...and we collect Santa's. It's a collection that started 21 years ago. My husband and I were visiting a little shore town and came upon a Christian store that had Santa kneeling over the baby Jesus. Now we must have more than 100. Stand by for pix...
    You are in my prayers always...and I so appreciate that you keep me mindful of those separated from their families in service to us. Bless you and your family!!

  9. Dear Beth ... I'm praying for you and your family right now. I well remember the Christmas when we gathered while my son-in-law was deployed oh so far away, my daughter and his two babies nestling in with us. Those feelings come back as I look at the pictures of you all together. I pray for comfort and joy to descend on each of you ... big time.

    Warmest blessings ...

  10. Oh Beth, I'm so sad for all the families separated this Christmas. I love the beautiful pictures from your house, and hope you're getting around ok in the boot. (I'm having foot surgery in early January, so I'll be sporting one of my own)

    Prayers for you and your family this Christmas. May the Lord be your PEACE.
    Consider yourself hugged.

  11. Beth, I had so much fun *touring* your home - crazy-shaped Christmas tree and all! I finally decorated this week, and somehow it just filled me up with happiness.

    I will be thinking of your family, and praying, that you will all be comforted with the Lord's peace as you are not together (physically) this year. I can't imagine how difficult that must be. But know that in your hearts, Christmas is being celebrated by each one of you as you reflect on how much you love each other, and how much we are loved by Jesus!


  12. I love your decorations Beth, thank you so much for sharing your home with us :)


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