Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Three Word Wednesday: Give Me Jesus

This is a hard post to write because our Three Word Wednesday community has become very near and dear to my heart.

I am not putting an end to the link-up but let's call it a "see-you-later" moment.

God spoke to me rather clearly on Monday evening while I sat with 200 other women at my first Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) class. That evening God had me right where I needed to be. BSF is the next right choice for me.

Since my time at the Declare Conference there have been three words on my heart: Give Me Jesus.

A dear friend of mine, a woman I consider to be my faith mentor, is leading the upcoming session of BSF. She has encouraged me several times to be a part of the study. I almost said to her for the third time, "I do not have the available time to make such a commitment." 

A needed heart check revealed my priorities were out of order. My hesitation to say "yes" to a Monday night Bible study was because of how it would interfere with having my Three Word Wednesday post ready by 12:00 AM every Wednesday.

You see, writing does not come with ease for me. A post can take days for me to complete. But if I am placing writing before time with God how can I claim my words are God inspired?

I have shared with you an uncertainty of what lies ahead for my blog and writing journey. Surprisingly, I find myself okay with this. The way my heart danced with excitement from the message given by my friend on Monday evening at BSF spoke volumes to me. I woke up on Tuesday morning with a renewed passion for diving into God's word.

Give Me Jesus. He's standing at the door waiting for me. I am opening the door. THIS is right where God wants me.

And also being fully present once my husband returns home. ☺

Guess what? He is back on U.S. soil. Every time I say those words tears begin to fall. The call from him to tell me he was one step closer to home had me bawling my eyes out. They were such happy tears, friends.

I could give you a pretty photo or a few words to link up to on Wednesday's for now. Or I could give God the best yes I have ever given Him.

Yes to surrendering my blog to Him for more of Him. "He must become greater and I must become less" (John 3:30). Which is ultimately saying yes to trusting God.

My heart believes this is not the end of my writing journey but that the best is yet to come.

The words said by Paul in Romans 8:28 were shared multiple times at BSF on Monday night: "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

When we face the unknown we can remember His promises. So I am trusting Him and waiting to see what He will do. I know it will be a glorious unfolding because our God does only good things.

For now we say "see-you-later" to Three Word Wednesday. If it does not return here by Wednesday, November 5th, I do have alternate plans in the works to make sure it continues with the same love I hope you have always seen given by me.

But would you link-up one more time before we temporarily part ways? Your extra love and attention to visiting others would also be greatly appreciated as I need to go prepare to welcome home my husband.

My heart rejoices . . . for He is good always!

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  1. I am crying happy tears for you because God is leading you right where He wants you to be. I love the power of a relationship with Him. I am praying that your reunion with your husband is renewing and restoring. I pray that your involvement with the BSF is a time for deep God-soaking words straight to your soul. I pray that you are used by God for mighty things.
    As I move to the next phase of my life, I would appreciate prayer that God speaks to me as clearly as He is to you and that my next stops honor God in everything. Love you friend!

  2. Beth, I want to thank you for sharing your heart with us. I know God is going to honor your obedience as you follow Him. And I know that as you follow Him, He has much more for you. I am grateful for your friendship and for the encouragement you have given me and so many others. Praying for our God to give you & Scott a blessed and happy homecoming. I am grateful this is a "see you later" as I cannot wait to see what later brings you both! With much love & blessings! xo

  3. I don't find it surprising at all that you're okay with uncertainty. I find myself in the same place. Rather than strive to do things for God, I find I'm perfectly content if I never have another opportunity and just get to spend time with Him every day. I think this is where He's been leading me all along.

    Letting go can be difficult, and I've been surprised (though I shouldn't have been) that for the most part He's taken what I've offered up to Him. God always has something better in store for us. Always!

  4. Oh, I’m crying with you, Beth! First, I’m so happy your man is SO close to being home. I just can’t imagine how elated you must be. Praise God! And I think I feel you in more ways than one. Trying to figure out the balance between home/work/writing and wanting to be present for my family and do the right thing…it’s not easy for me to decipher at times. I love your heart for Christ and I can so understand what and why you are doing this. God is not through with you, He’s on the verge of something great. I started leading a bible study at my church and I have to say it’s been the most thrilling thing I’ve been a part of. Like I just feel like I’m supposed to be there. So I get this. I’ll be following your journey and cheering madly all the way. Love you.

  5. Oh, Beth! I couldn't be more happy for the blessings coming your way :) The fact that your man is almost there. That God is increasing in your life and time commitments. It is good all around. Of course you know I will miss you here, but it is good to know that God has given us multiple ways to send the love. Praying for you and loving you from the cornfields.

  6. Sweet Beth,

    So excited for you that you are one day closer to holding your dear husband close in your arms. I am so excited he is safely here and close. I am so thankful for the example you are setting of seeking out that which is the priority, God and your husband, rather than choosing something that will not be His best for you. What a good and faithful friend to continue to diligently draw you in and share truth, it is a God-thing to have those people in our lives. Praying for His best to envelope you and to fill you, preparing you as you get ready to receive the answer to your prayers all these months and so excited that your husband is nearly home.
    Many Blessings and Prayers,

  7. This is so beautiful - to see you following God! Blessings my friend...

  8. 1. I will sure (temporarily) miss TWW.
    2. I completely, totally, eleventy billion percent understand and support your decision.
    3. YOUR MAN IS ALMOST HERE. EEEEEEEEEEEEE!! (can you hear me squealing from Fort Lewis?!?)

    Love you so very, very much. Can't wait til we can meet IRL someday-- and until then, I will be praying and stalking FB to get my Beth fix :-)

  9. Beth, you've been faithful to God's call. Three Word Wednesday and now, to lay it down for a while. You are walking in obedience and that is always a very good thing! Blessings to you and your hubby! xo

  10. Dear Beth- So proud of you. What a hard, brave and "best yes". Your example helps others have courage & freedom. I needed this, But if I am placing writing before time with God how can I claim my words are God inspired?

  11. I'm so blessed by watching you seek God in a new way. I know it's scary, but trust that He's got big, exciting things planned for you and your family. So proud to witness your journey, even from more distance than I'd like. :) Love you, friend.

  12. Beth, in this season you are sensing a knock on the door of your heart from the Lord . As you answer that call, you are also preparing to welcome your man home again. It's a time of assessing and rejoicing. Priorities are being set that will bless you in your walk with the Lord and bear fruit in days to come. Obedience will be rewarded. There is an exciting period ahead as you wait to see how these things will unfurl for you and your loved ones.
    Your sweet presence will be missed here and I am grateful there will be a "see you later" time when you can report on all you are learning. And I truly appreciate your honesty in these words, "But if I am placing writing before time with God how can I claim my words are God inspired?" because they speak for us all. Thank you for all you have done and all that is yet to come as you surrender and see what God will do next. Blessings, love and prayers. :) xx

  13. Joy and sadness mixed together as you are reunited with your husband but feeling how I will miss the meeting together with you and the rest of the group who link up each week. God Bless.

  14. BSF is a fabulous organization! I am so glad you are making that commitment! You can't always trust your feelings {or your heart} but you can trust the Spirit inside of you. The more you seek God and His will for your life, the more you will know the difference. I'm so excited {and prayerful} for this next part of your JOurneY, Beth!

  15. Beth, glad to hear of the safe return to US soil of your husband. What a beautiful thing when we let go of a good thing to say yes to the best thing. Many blessings.

  16. Dearest Beth, You are such a precious woman. Knowing that God is directing you clearly even though you do not know every step gives me goosebumps. I know that His call is what we all desire and what we all "should" be listening for and to. I hold you in my prayers as He unfolds His glorious plan for these next steps. I also praise Him for bringing your husband home to the USA safely and will be with you soon. Just know that I think you are mighty special even without ever meeting you. We will in heaven one day.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  17. My sweet friend, I will miss you. But, I know without a doubt that these *stirrings* in your heart, and your decisions are all part of the wonderful journey of JOY that God is leading you on this year. May you find Him in new ways, and grow ever deeper in your faith. I hope to have an update in Blog Land every now and then??

    Give Me Jesus - it works so perfectly with my definition of Joy - Jesus, Only You.

    God bless you, my friend and sister. I am excited for the walk and work that you are launching upon!

    Love you!

    (And give that big ol' military hubby a HUGE hug when you see him!!)

  18. I have been singing that song the last few days. I'm so happy that your husband is almost home. Praying for a sweet and relaxed homecoming as you rejoice and adjust to living life together again. Know you will be missed in the sweet community you've built, but how exciting to follow where God is clearly leading. How interesting to sense that many of us are in a similar place in terms of releasing afresh our writing to God.

  19. I do not normally choose this over responding to all your comments individually BUT the days have been full. Please know I read every single comment you leave and I am so very grateful for all of you. You really, truly are a blessing to me. And I'm not going far. I plan to write and share as God leads for now. I also have a feeling I will have a photo to share with you SOON! Love you all. Thank you for your kind words, your love, support and prayers. Much love. xoxo

  20. Your obedience and heart for God are inspiring. You are His Daughter and I love how you lean into Him, to hear His voice. I love how you step out in obedience to follow His way. I love how you make room for your family. I've enjoyed linking up from time to time with TWW. I know that whatever God does (or doesn't do) with your blog, you will continue to bring Him glory and honor with your life. So thankful to "know" you through blogging. Love you!

  21. So grateful for the encouragement I have found here with your beautiful words. Grateful for your example of obedience. Overjoyed for you with the safe return of your husband! Praying God's hand of guidance as you continue serving Him so faithfully.

  22. So happy your husband's home - and wishing you much blessing and joy in this new part of your journey!!!


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