Friday, December 5, 2014

Scattering of Love :: Batch 4

Photo by Judd Johnson
What happened to my Scattering of Love series? Friday Randomness became Scattering of Love for a very short period of time and then . . .

Oh yea, hubs came home!

Speaking of hubs being home. I couldn't help myself. Mid-morning I went on YouTube and watched his homecoming video again. It makes me cry happy tears Every. Single. Time. A writing friend told me the video gave her a picture of what our greeting will be like when we enter heaven. Watch the video with that in mind. Goosebumps!

For the month of December I am attempting to spend less time on social media. Last year I celebrated the Christmas season without hubs. This year I am treating his presence for the gift that it is.

And I am high bent on doing a better job of loving others. I need to step away from my computer and be the hands and feet of Jesus more. So many people were that for us during the ten months hubs and I spent apart. Doing the same for others just seems like the right response.

I read two posts today which speak to where my heart's at currently. If I were hanging out on Facebook I would have shared them there. It's always luring me back. Then I remembered my lost upon hubs return Scattering of Love series . . .

Where have I been on the web today:

Choosing Connection Over Competition by Emily P. Freeman of Chatting at the Sky

"When I walk into a room filled with women, I recognize in myself a tendency to ignore what God thinks of them and obsess over what they are thinking of me. Oh, dear."

Oh, my. Me too. But I want to choose connection!

8 Ways to Find the Merry in your Christmas by Lori Harris

"The only way to get the merry back into your Christmas is to give it away."

I totally want to give Christmas away. Like I think I may be driving hubs a little batty with all my ideas to give it away. {smiling}

What I am reading:

If you are looking for an Advent devotional to read pick one of these:

The Greatest Gift by (like I need to tell you) Ann Voskamp
Comfort Ye My People by Kay Bruner

I am reading both (hubs and I are reading Ann's together) and love them so so much. They are doing all sorts of wonderful things to my heart during this time of waiting for His coming.

What am I doing:

God has been calling me outside of my comfort zone and I am doing the very thing He asks us to do. I am obeying. He keeps calling me to the very thing that scares me -- community. Each time I say yes it becomes a little less scary.

Yesterday (Thursday) I hosted a table for a Ladies Tea at my church. I wrote a bit about it here. Isn't our table pretty? I co-hosted the table with a small group friend and we had a delightful time preparing for the evening. The evening with 150+ lovely ladies was fabulous too.

I am also wearing a dress Every. Single. Day. of December. There are only about five for me to choose from throughout the month and most (if not all) of them are summer dresses. This is bigger than the dress though.

The Dressember Mission: A collaborative movement leveraging fashion and creativity to restore dignity to all women.

Dressember is a month of wearing dresses, but it is so much more. At its core, Dressember is an embracing of the inherent freedom and feminity of all women.

So yes, I am bringing awareness to human trafficking by wearing a dress every day in December and I am doing lots of praying for those held in captivity.

I have a fundraising page if you feel led to support. Mostly, I'd love for you to join me by praying too.

And I am linking arms with Outside the City Gate on an exciting dream of theirs that is coming to fruition. Guess what? We want to collaborate with you. Click on link to find out more.

Gotta run, friends. I have a date with hubs tonight! Be on the watch for a sexy picture of him to be posted (somewhere) tomorrow in his dress blue uniform. Be still my beating heart.

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  1. I bet the warm connection at your table was just as lovely as the decor.

    Wonderful, dear friend! Simply inspiring.

  2. Beth,
    Celebrating you and the new endeavors that God is calling you to. I am excited to hear about the different ways he is using you! I, too, have been trying to spend less time at the computer and have been reading and loving Ann's "The Greatest Gift"...I NEED this time away with my Lord!! Enjoy and revel in this Advent season with your hubby being home :)
    Love and ((hugs)),

  3. My hubs and I are reading Kay's devotion every night. I've always wanted to see a performance of Handel's Messiah... someday. Love that pic of you with dress, covered in denim, lol! What a great cause, praying in agreement with you, sweet friend.

  4. What a beautiful table; how I love ladies Christmas teas! I have hosted a few too, and it is always such a blessed event. I am so happy for the wonderful things going on in your life sweet friend; love reading about the changes going on in your life. I am also joining you and many others in Ann's The Greatest Gift; what a wonderful blessing it has been! Joy and love to you dear Beth!

  5. I love seeing how you are stepping out for God! I am inspired by you. Your table for the Ladies tea looks so beautiful and I imagine the event was successful. Thank you for sharing your heart!

  6. Hi Beth! My hat's off to you wearing dresses for a cause. So wonderful! And you had so many ladies at your tea, what a huge blessing! And a way to fellowship too.
    Enjoy your time with the hubs, and concentrating on being love for all those around you.

  7. I am so enjoying your Dressember posts my friend. I love what you are doing to bring awareness to such a horrific issue. Emily's post was a favorite of mine this week. Have a blessed week.

  8. Loved reading this post and visiting the links.
    I was so blessed on December 7. Hubs bought me (& him) tickets to see Ann Voskamp.
    It was such a pleasure to finally meet her in person, too.

  9. Beth, so many things to comment on!! Love the table, so would have loved to have attended that special occasion. I have a feeling that you were a perfect hostess. Always love hearing what people are reading! And, I am so overJOYed at the time you are getting to spend with your dear husband. What a blessing to have this holiday time with him.



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