Wednesday, December 3, 2014

There is always more

What if God has a different plan for me? What if writing is a stepping stone to something else? These are questions I cannot help but to ponder. Are the doubts from the enemy or is God leading me somewhere new?

When we say yes to Christ, He takes us on a journey. I love how our yes is only the beginning. No matter where we are in our walk with Christ there’s always more ahead of us.

He always has more to reveal; more about Him and more to the story He is weaving in our life.

On my desk at work sits a perpetual calendar.  It features inspiring quotes from the writers of the website (in)courage. Today is December 3rd and Bonnie Gray is featured with the words: “We may be uncertain about our next steps, but we can be certain of God.”

I don’t know what the next step is as the year draws to an end and a new one begins. But I know I can be certain of God.

A quote from the Storyline Conference I attended has stayed with me. I am not sure who said it or of the exact words but it went something along the lines of, “The thing you fear most is usually what God calls you to.”

God often calls us out of our comfort zone, doesn't He? Let's not forget we have a responsibility to obey the One we are submitting our life to.

I think God has a way of letting us know when we have done the very thing He wants us to do. It’s seen in our response because a deep longing he placed in our heart finally came to fruition.

Tomorrow night (Thursday) I will host a table for a Ladies Tea at my church. The past three years I have attended this same event and have always sat where it felt most comfortable . . . with one of my closest friends.

“You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.” ― Benjamin Mee, We Bought a Zoo

It’s true. All it took was twenty seconds of courage to walk up to the display board for the Ladies Tea to write my name on one of the tables as a host. I am pretty sure after writing my name down on that board I walked away with embarrassing happy dance moves and lots of giggles.

If He places the desire in your heart, He will bring it to pass. 

God does something to my heart every time I am more others-focused. He does something to my heart when I make the choice to embrace community . . . the very thing I fear most.

After googling words of encouragement for when you feel low, because I am feeling somewhat melancholy, I came upon a quote by Max Lucado. I shared the quote on my blog Facebook page shortly after almost making the decision to abandon the page. Facebook does not make it easy to manage a page unless you pay to promote what you share. If nobody sees me, what’s the point?  

"You are valuable because you exist. Not because of what you do or what you have done, but simply because you are." ~ Max Lucado

Did you need to read those words too?

Maybe I am bouncing around a bit here. As I type I am writing to encourage my own heart just as much as I write for yours.

Over the course of the morning I returned to the familiar place of not-enoughville. But I am high-tailing myself out of that place and running back to God.

A smile is returning to my face. I have a Ladies Tea to prepare for. I will have the privilege of celebrating the coming of Christ with a group of ladies tomorrow. And some of the ladies invited to join me at my table do not know Christ in the way He wants them to know Him. Will you pray for them, and for me?

I think God intends for writing to remain a part of my journey; at least for now. But I have this pleasant tingling sensation that He has much more in store for me in 2015. I think it may have a little something to do with that word which scares me ― Community. Present over perfect.

There is always more.

“God responds and reveals Himself to those who seek Him and there is always more for Him to reveal.” – Bible Study Fellowship


I have wanted to do something to wrap up the 30 Days of Storyline Conference Inspirational Quotes that I shared with you on Facebook. If you missed the series, you can view the photo album here.

Donald Miller's book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years is a fabulous book and will give you a flavor of what he shares at his Storyline Conference.

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  1. Hi Beth!

    Getting out of our comfort zone is so hard. But when we take that step of faith, God opens doors and shows us things we would have missed if we stayed "comfortable!" It would be so fun to be at your table for the Christmas tea -- I think the ladies who will join you there will truly be blessed! I'm having a little party tomorrow, too. It's at my book club (remember the one I started a few months ago when I stepped out in faith?) I'm so glad that I followed God's leading and opened my home to these women. It has been a sweet time as we have shared and learned more about God. I would have never experienced the wonderful blessing of these ladies if I hadn't had those "20 seconds of insane courage" when I pressed "enter" on my keyboard and invited these new friends over!

    May your time at the tea tomorrow be blessed, Beth!

    Love, Joan

    1. I am so glad your book club has turned out to be such a blessing for you, Joan. God is good ALWAYS. Love you so much. xoxo

  2. Beth, there are so many great nuggets of truth and encouragement in this post. I feel like you just described my past year! I love that you are 'high-tailing it back to God" when the not-enoughs rise up, and they will. Thank you for the encouragement and I am excited to see what God has for you this next year!

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, Ginger. I so appreciate you and I look forward to seeing what God has for both of us in 2015. xoxo

  3. Praying for you, my friend. Someday I'll tell you how this Anthropophobiac ended up being in charge of the Family (meaning the church family) Fellowship Ministry at her church, lol!

    1. Okay, I want to have a tea date with you and here your story. Love you, friend. xoxo

  4. Hi Beth,
    I love to see how God is working in your reminds me that God is always growing us and molding us to be more like his Son Jesus. It also encourages me that God is right here in my journey as well. I love the quote, "If he places the desire in your heart, he will bring it to pass." Along with writing, I too, am embarking on a new adventure and I needed these words today. God bless you in your new adventures in "community". I know you'll do just great!!
    Love and ((hugs)),

    1. We need to catch up by phone, Bev. I'd love to hear about your adventure. Let's connect soon. Love you much. xoxo (((hugs)))

  5. Dear Beth ... It's so inspiring to sit on the sidelines and watch your story unfold! All those gifts of hospitality and warmth and love you share in our online world are simply being transferred to the real life flesh and blood world!

    I know you're going to be a delightful hostess ... warm and engaging and very much present for those women who need to feel the love of Jesus.

    Can't wait to hear how it goes ...

    1. You are a continual encouragement to me, Linda. Your friendship is a blessing. I truly cannot tell you that enough. Love you. xoxo

  6. I love this post. And I love "We Bought a Zoo" -- such an inspiration movie! And you know I love this book. :) And while I'm proclaiming my love for all the things in this post, I love you too! :) So glad to read your words today.

    1. It's a super cute movie, isn't it? I love YOU, Kristin. I just love that God had our paths cross. xoxo

  7. I have been so inspired by how your heart is filling with all God is calling you to and doing for you. The process of this unfolding is so beautiful and I love being here to encourage you and learn from you. God truly does call each of us to bigger things and when He does we need to be ready and open for that huge step out of our comfort zones. Praying for you and your ladies tea as well as for your future. Blessings and love friend!

    1. Thank you, sweet friend, for your always encouraging words. When your comment came through to my inbox last night I just smiled BIG. So grateful for you and your friendship. Much love. xoxo

  8. That is my favorite book! Thank you as always Beth!

  9. I know. It's so so good. I plan to read again. xoxo


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