Friday, October 4, 2013

A letter to my husband

I'm joining Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday. Lisa has created a wonderful community where many others come together and write for five minutes on a prompt she provides. It's a beautiful thing. Today's prompt is: "WRITE."

Today's post is an old Five Minute Friday post written when the prompt word was, "LETTER." Please pardon me for reusing. I'm limiting my writing as I focus on time with my family before my husband deploys. When I saw what today's prompt word was this post seemed appropriate to share again since I will soon begin writing letters to my husband again.

My love,

I remember clearly the day when the boys and I said good-bye to you in the parking lot of the hotel you would depart from the following morning. Our eyes were filled with tears. Letting go of you to send you on your way to become a soldier was a mixture of excitement for you and sadness for us. The months we would spend apart would be hard.

The first thing I did that evening after saying good-bye was write my first letter to you.

"Dear, I just returned home from saying our good-byes. We cried for a bit longer on the ride home and then one of the boys made a comment to make us laugh. I miss you already but I'm incredibly proud of you."

Here my love for writing began. Here my love for a written letter began.

I waited patiently for you to write me. When the first letter arrived my heart leaped with joy. Holding a piece of paper you had touched brought you a little closer to home.

"Dear Beth, I have started writing this letter at least five times. I really don't know what to say other than I miss you and I love you. I will hold on to your last words to me with every ounce of strength I have."

Our mailman quickly became my favorite person as new letters written by you were delivered.

Then it became time to send our oldest son off to become a sailor. Could I survive another good-bye? Yes, I could because I had learned the secret to survival: WRITE!

Letters to both of you were written, sealed and mailed daily. Every day (except for Sunday of course) I would be filled with hopes of opening the mailbox to a letter from one of you. I remember the day I received a letter from our son. He had written only four words, "I love you, Mom." Those four words were enough.

I'm filled with wonderful memories of watching you both become a soldier and sailor. My greatest memories will always be of the joy found in every letter written and every letter received.

As we prepare to send you on your way to do the very thing you set out to do, my heart aches over saying good-bye again but I will wait patiently for you to write me. Oh how I will be ready to write to you.

My love, thank you for what I consider precious treasures: letters of love written by you.

Love, Me


  1. Oh such emotion in those beautiful words sweet friend. I have been the letter writer and waited anxiously for those letter to come. Such a bond it creates. I'll be praying for you. Thankful for your families service.

  2. Beth - perfect! I'm sure there are probably 1000 emails floating around on some server somewhere about three houses and two PCS stations ago. Emails I saved and read through during the hard times, the missing times, the laughing times, the we-couldn't-Skype-today times. I saved them all because they were the only part of my man that I could hold onto when he was deployed, or at yet another school. I don't have them anymore. I don't need them anymore, because the words, the meaning, the messages ended up right on my heart - where they remain. Safe and protected and priceless. As your letters are and will remain for you. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Janet

  3. Lovely thoughts from a lovely soul. I cherish our exchanged cards. I will be praying for you during the deployment.

  4. Hi Beth! You have really underlined the power of writing. It has clearly been a touchstone for you and your family. And what a comfort it has been, and will be.

    I'll be praying for you, and praying that the letters will always be a message of love!

  5. There's nothing like a hand-written letter! How wonderful that your husband and son share your joy of receiving letters. I'm glad I stopped by from FMF (and i'm glad I'm not the only one who used an older post because it fit perfectly ;) ).

  6. I cried as I read your words, Beth. I've sent those airmen and soldiers off, whispered the words we prayed wouldn't be our last, written the letters we waited for with baited breath. I pray strength and safety for your husband and son, and for you as you wait patiently and write faithfully!

  7. Dear Beth
    You have stolen my heart completely with this love letter to the men in you life. It brings me joy to see that the art of writing letters are still ver real in your life. It reminds me of the days when we still wrote little live notes to our latest sweethearts at school.
    Blessings XX

  8. Friend!! I've been away from FMF lately but happy to hear your "voice" again! Oh the powerful emotions you've encompassed in this post. I cannot imagine how dearly beloved the written word has become to you. May our loving God continue to give you His peace and joy! Bless you...

  9. So beautiful! I can't imagine how hard it must be to not only say one goodbye but two! It's awesome how writing can be so therapeutic and get you through those hard times. Praying you enjoy your time with your husband before he leaves again.

  10. I'm honored to be brought in to catch a glimpse of the love that's found you, Beth! what a beautiful reflection of the love we find in His Letter to us--don't you think?
    Oh mylanta...
    {HUGS} Yes--savor it long and enjoy every moment.

  11. Hi Beath, Thank you for sharing those precious letters ... So beautiful - sometimes "less is more" - I was greatly touched by the "I love you mom"!

  12. You two will become even stronger because of the love you will share through the letters!
    I'll be here for you. Love you my friend.

  13. Beautiful Beth!!! I may be very far away but my prayers are with you and your family... xoxoxo

  14. There is nothing like heartfelt letters in the mailbox. During my cancer treatments it was the highlight of my day. Thanks for sharing your heart here, Beth. Let's bring back the handwritten notes?!


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