Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Randomness (Vol. 2)

Honestly, my thoughts revolve around my son returning home for a visit this weekend. The past week we prepared our third bedroom for his return. When he married we let him take the bedroom furniture from his room so something new was needed so he has a place to sleep.

I wanted the room to be multi-functional; it needed to serve as an office/writing space for me and also a guest room. I love how the room turned out. My husband is all sorts of awesomeness!

Back to my son...the awesomeness of my husband distracted me.

My son returns home to see his father before he leaves. You see, he may deploy next year and the two of them could potentially go approximately two years without seeing each other. The weekend will end with the first of a series of good-byes. I need to remember to give thanks to God in all things...including good-byes.

Scripture speaking to my heart

"Truly I tell you," Jesus replied, "no one who has left home or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields for me and the gospel will fail to receive a hundred times as much in this present age: homes, brothers, sisters, mothers, children and fields—along with persecutions—and in the age to come eternal life." ~ Mark 10:29-30

When we surrender everything to Him, we will "receive a hundred times as much." The act of surrender may not be easy but this reminds me of how greatly He wants to bless us.

"The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." ~ Matthew 20:28

As Christians we are to follow His example. It's not about us. We are to serve others.

Can I also say the Book of Ephesians rocks! I'm so happy this is the book my husband and I will read over and over again while he is away.

More from Let Hope In

"Pleasing God is a great longing, but it cannot be our primary motivation or it will imprison our hearts. When our motive is trusting God, our focus is then living out who God says I am. As a follower of Christ you have received a new heart. You have a new identity. You've already been changed and now you get to mature into who you already are." ~ Pastor Pete Wilson

Favorite blog read from the week.

Tracy of One Degree Ministries writes about a question her daughter asked as she flipped through her toddler Bible. In her post she asks us consider what our own hearts say as we open the Bible. A quick and powerful read.

A new favorite song

Ann Voskamp recently shared a series of links in her post Sharing Whatever is Good: {Sharing Links to Love the Internet Again}. One of the links was a YouTube video of the song "In The End" by Natalie Grant. I've now watched/listened to the video at least several dozen times. As Ann says, "Turn it up loud and play it again." It's SO good.

A Cup of Coffee

My dear friend Barbie of My Freshly Brewed Life has a new devotional releasing soon called Coffee Talk with Jesus. I'm confident her devotional will encourage and bless us. If you would like to write a review of her book during the month of November, email Barbie at

Beginning the first Tuesday of November you can also have Coffee Cup Tuesday delivered to your inbox every month. If this is the closest I can come to having a cup of coffee with Barbie, I'm all in. How about you? Will you join her for a cup?

All the Things I Don't Do

1. I do not talk politics. I stay away from any conversations. Instead of debating with you, I prefer to pray for our leaders.

2. I do not cook. You don't want me to cook either. If you want to know how you can help me while my husband is gone, invite me over for dinner or come by with dinner. :)

3. I do not stay up late. I need my eight hours of sleep.

4. I do not listen to voicemail messages. I have no good excuse for this. If I don't answer your call, try me again or send a text.

5. I do not do winter. Okay, that should say I do not do winter well. I'd rather hibernate in our cozy home until it goes away. I'm going to do my best to embrace winter this year. Bring on the snow!

6. I do not dress up for Halloween. I do not understood this holiday. If you have a Halloween party and announce costumes are required I'm less likely to attend. Sorry, I'm being honest.

For an explanation on why I'm sharing this with you read Amy Sullivan's post on freeing ourselves from expectation. Let's embrace our quirks and flaws. I found this both difficult and freeing to do. Yes, I stole number three from Amy; it's the truth though.

Finding blessings in a deployment

 ~ Special time with family beforehand
~ Bringing my son home for a visit
~ More frequent and longer hugs
~ Parties to celebrate him
~ Patriotic decorations
~ Meeting our extended military family

Thank you again for your continued prayers. They are truly felt.

God bless.

Anything random from your week you would like to share?


  1. We have a couple of do nots in common Beth. Thanks for sharing the randomness of your week. Hope you and your family have a great visit. Many blessings.

  2. I'm right with you on the not doing winter! Enjoy your family time!

  3. Oh friend - I'm in tears. Good-bye's!!! Learning to be thankful for them - WOW that's good stuff. I learned to hate airports in my military days -- they were either extremely emotional because I was saying good-bye to hubby or loved one or way too emotional saying hello. Either way I was a mess at airports. I still have to reign my emotions in when I see military or a military family at the airport. Love you -- love your randomness. And HEY -- come south for the winter!!!

  4. I don't like to cook or do winter either :) I love your randomness that is actually just perfect.

  5. What a fun list! I liked what you said about freeing yourself from expectations from Amy's post. Life is so much easier when we embrace who we are and live it out!! Boy, you have so many changes coming your way, but you are handling them like a true warrior-so proud of you! I have you have a great weekend!

    ps. I (somewhat) love to cook, if we lived closer I would definitely have you over for dinner!! muah!

  6. I love the Friday Randomness, Beth! So refreshing. This is just cool. I can't wait to see where the randomness goes. Praying for your family and the upcoming deployment, my friend.

  7. Friday Randomness is such fun! Praying for you and for your man tonight. Hugs

  8. I would gladly come and cook dinner for you! Oh friend, I am praying these next couple of weeks are filled with blessings and JOY! Thank you for sharing about my book and newsletter. Hugs!

  9. Beth,
    The more I read what you write...the more I realize that we are very much alike (kindred spirits). I am sooo praying for you during this time of preparation for your husband's deployment. What a mixed bag of emotions it must be?! I also pray that you will have a warm family visit with your son! Love the Natalie Grant song and I don't do Halloween either...just sayin'.
    With much love and ((hugs)),

  10. Dear Beth ... may there be peace and hope, even in this season of farewells. I'm thinking of you all right now as I find those kind of good-byes to be far beyond my ability to do 'well.' Blessings today to you all!

  11. Beth- oh my heart echoes yours every time you mention deployments. Praying for you and honored to be a part of your extended military family. Jesus is going to see us through... Thank you also for your kind mention about my post. I am so honored- glory to God :) Seeking Jesus!

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    \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 I am such a fan of Friday Randomness!!! Hope all the visits and goodbyes bring nothing but sweet memories:) and thank you for this reminder: " The act of surrender may not be easy but this reminds me of how greatly He wants to bless us." Amen! Praying for you and your awesome husband!!!


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