Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Three Word Wednesday: Surprised by God {Surprised by Motherhood}

When Lisa-Jo Baker’s book Surprised by Motherhood released, I admittedly convinced myself the target audience most likely did not include mothers of adult children. Why I convinced myself of this I do not know other than to say Satan surely played a role.

Even though my children are now young adults I never stop being their mother. They may no longer solely rely on me for daily survival but they are still my children. Of course Lisa’s book also applies to me.

“A mother continues to labor long after the baby is born” (Lisa-Jo Baker, Surprised by Motherhood, pg. 8). 

My husband and I are parents to two boys who are 24 and 22 years old. The first twenty years of our marriage did not include God. Until four years ago, we relied on our own strength to be parents to these boys of ours. 

Our own strength failed them miserably. They watched their parents go through emotional abuse, addictions, affairs and two separations. In my eyes, we were the worst parents ever and had set our children on a similar path toward no good.

God's amazing grace rescued our family of four. He gave us a reason to have hope. Hope for better. I can now look back at the brokenness and see how God takes our messes and makes something beautiful.

I am sharing at my friend Katie's of Echoes of My Heart today as part of her Open Hearts series. The post went live on Tuesday but I decided to use for my Three Word Wednesday post. I do not have the heart to ask you to read too many posts in one week.

Join me here for the rest of my story.

Note: The Love Dare series will continue next week with Dare #13, Love Fights Fair.


  1. Hi, Beth!

    "I can now look back at the brokenness and see how God takes our messes and makes something beautiful."

    Celebrating this wonderful truth with you and your family today!


  2. What an inspiration to read how God has redeemed the past. I cannot begin to think how powerfully God uses your brave transparency to pull others off the cliff of defeat and discouragement. Write on precious Sister.

  3. I love this post because even in my 40s, I need my mom no matter what especially now that my dad passed away. We always need our mom especially their wisdom and love.

  4. Beautiful Beth. I needed this reminder that God is working even when I'm discouraged and feel defeated. He is faithful always. Blessings!


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