The Love Dare

In April 2014, I decided to blog my way through The Love Dare book while my husband is deployed. Instead of a 40-days love dare challenge, I am doing a 40-weeks love dare challenge. The journey is changing how I love my husband. I am learning to love him with an unconditional love . . . God’s kind of love.

Deciding to read The Love Dare and taking the Love Dare Challenge was also about knowing Jesus more intimately and learning what is means to follow him.

I share how my journey began in a guest post written for Circles of Faith. You can read my post here.

To read the posts in this series I have outlined the dares completed to date and provided a link to the post below:

Dare #1: Love is patient
Dare #2: Love is kind
Dare #5: Love is not rude
Dare #11: Love cherishes
Dare #13: Love fight fair

My husband returned home from Afghanistan September 2014. You can watch a video of his return home here

Since his return home I have not kept up with blogging my way through the dares. BUT, my love dare journey has become our love dare journey. We are now reading through the book together.

Whether or not I blog my way through the rest of the dares is yet to be determined. The impact of The Love Dare book and choosing to love with God's kind of love, however, is seen in almost every post I write. Primarily so in my #write31days series for the month of October. You can catch up on the series here.

How great is our God!