Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Randomness (Vol. 12)

Scripture speaking to my heart

"But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear." ~ Matthew 13:16

I was captured by all of Matthew 13. The parables are amazing. 

JOY-filled scripture

"My soul shall be joyful in Yehweh. It shall rejoice in His salvation." ~ Psalm 35:9 (WEB)

Shared by the lovely Anita from Hope Flourishes. See image here.

More from Anything, by Jennie Allen

"We don't follow God just because he is God, just because he is boss. We follow God because he builds beautiful stories, even if they are not easy." ~ Jennie Allen

And the winner of the giveaway is: Barbie of My Freshly Brewed Life

A few of my favorite blog reads

A Hand in Your Own by Kelli of Chronicles of Grace
Dear Beautiful You, by Barbie of My Freshly Brewed Life
You're beautiful...just as you are, by Satin of My Heart His Words
Trusting the Healer, by Jenn of Running This Thing Called Life
Snow Day, by Elizabeth of Beauty Observed

And then this one... (have tissue ready before reading)
My Dad Passed Away, by Sharon ~ Sharing God

A new community

If you have not made your way over to Outside the City Gate yet, come join our community. Meet the folks behind this here. I'm so grateful to be one of those folks. ~~happy dance~~

Featured Three Word Wednesday Writer

Our featured writer is Lyli Dunbar of 3-D Lessons for Life.

I really wish I had a better memory but I don't. I'm not sure what brought me to Lyli's but I do recall how her one word in 2013 caught my attention. Her word was: Fruitilicious. What does that mean? Find out here.

Her beautiful heart is what had me returning again and again.

Me: What do you love most about Three Word Wednesday?

Lyli: When I discovered the Three Word Wednesday link up, my immediate reaction was "I can do this.  It's just 3 words. So simple!" That week, I prayed for God to drop a three-word phrase into my heart, and He did not disappoint. I found a cool free stock photo, and added 3 very powerful words: "God loves you." My spirit held onto those words all week. Now, as I read my Bible, I see three-word phrases everywhere and keep a little note on my iPhone for future writing inspiration: "He is able." "Nothing is impossible." "God will provide." I love that on Wednesdays, I can hop over to Beth's and find some mid-week inspiration.  

Me: We have some fabulous ladies joining us for Three Word Wednesday, friends. Be sure to go over and connect with Lyli.

Highlighted Link Up

Since I was already chatting with Lyli, I asked her to tell us about the link up she hosts on Thursday's.

Me: Tell us about Thought Provoking Thursday.

Lyli: I started blogging after having a miscarriage. One of my former students shared her story with me -- through her blog. The whole "blogging world" was new to me, but reading the stories of other women helped me to heal. I started blogging about my faith in hopes that my little space on the web would bring encouragement to the weary and the broken. Through participating in link ups, I have met so many amazing women (like our Beth). Last November, I started hosting a link up Community called "Thought-Provoking Thursdays." I pray that it will be a safe place for my blogging friends to come share their stories and be encouraged.   

Words playing over and over again in my head

Grace upon grace. (Maybe my three words for next week? We shall see...)

“Grace, then, is grace,–that is to say, it is sovereign, it is free, it is sure, it is unconditional, and it is everlasting.” ~ Alexander Whyte

Favorite Moment

My husband and I finally had a decent connection this week and we were able to have a wonderful conversation and see our faces without them freezing several times. It was an answered prayer.

Finding JOY in a deployment

#32 ~ Our Executive Pastor leaving an encouraging message on my husband's Facebook page.

#33 ~ Dinner with my father-in-law and his two friends. Their stories made me smile.

#34 ~ An evening alone which allowed for some sweet quiet time.

#35 ~ Christmas Card that I sue to pray for family and friends.

#36 ~ The wisdom received from God's Word.

#37 ~ Friends who take your "flat" husband on adventures.

#38 ~ More friends who want to join in on the adventures of your "flat" hubby.

#39 ~ Discovering friends have sent a care package to my man.

#40 ~ Meeting online friends in real life.

#41 ~ A quiet few hours at Panera because the Internet was down at home.

#42 ~ Friends who stop by and post on my Facebook wall to say they are thinking of me.

#43 ~ Being asked to co-lead an (in)courage group for Military Wives.

#44 ~ I'm keeping this one to myself (but didn't want to mess up my count).

#45 ~ A good connection finally with my hubby.

#46 ~ Grace upon grace.

#47 ~ Mussels, another wonderful dinner made by my son.

#48 ~ My cleaning lady; not sure what I'd do without her.

#49 ~ Lint brushes.


  1. So cool that your & your husband got a good conversation in! That has to be encouraging.

    I'm curious about the flat husband journeys. I have a flat husband that I took with me when I auditioned for a tv game show and he couldn't go (we both love the show together). Nothing came of that, but I still have the slightly worn Flat Tom.

  2. Thank you for your beautiful, varied blog, with so many interesting links to beautiful people en blogs. Sometimes I'm amazed that God is loved and adored by so many women around the world. We do not know each other; but He works in us and in all our circumstances. Wow. I hope for you that there are more good conversations in the future. My week was too busy for good conversations, except last night.
    Lieve knuffel/ hug.

  3. It's hard to remember how we stumble upon all the goodness isn't it Beth? I read Sharon's post earlier in the week and it certainly is one you need tissues. I always enjoy your Friday randomness.

  4. Lint brushes! That one made me giggle! But, oh, what a help they are! LOL It is so good to count our blessings like you do here on Friday Randomness. Sometimes the world gets to whirling around us and we forget to see the joy in each moment. Thanks for posting these - it is a great reminder to me to remember my joy! Have a wonderful time at the Compel!!

  5. I love that you've featured Lyli today. She is a sweetheart ... YOU, too!


    Praising God with you for all the lovely gifts He's given you through this, yet another week, of deployment.

  6. Grace upon grace. Thank you for your heart. Outside the City Gate, wow, following!

  7. YAY for Barbie and for the girls Outside the City Gate! I "met" Satin this week too. Loved her "beautiful" post, and always love your randomness, Beth :)

  8. Beth, thanks for highlighting little ole' me this week. I am so honored.
    Your Friday Randomness posts are so much fun! I was so excited to read that you will be hosting a group for military wives through (in)courage. AWESOME! :)

  9. Beth, your *randomness* has truly blessed me this week! And thank you for including my sad (but JOYous) post about my father's passing. God continues to hold my hand strongly!

    These three words just popped into my head, "He is Risen." Yes, indeed. And because of Him, we will never die, and we will live in the glory of His Presence forever!!


  10. Yea Barbie!! Love it. Love your gifts!! And thank you you are so sweet.

  11. Hi my friend, I loved your post :) such wonderful gems to praise God for.
    Thank you also for sharing my prayer, that was so kind if you; it means so much to me.
    Sending hugs to you and prayers up to our Saviour. :)

  12. Beth,

    You are so kind to list my Snow Day post. Thank you so much! I also appreciate you linking-up last week at Beauty Observed.

    I love all of the information you put here. I am so glad that you were able to have a good conversation with your husband!


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