Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Three Word Wednesday: One Big Risk

Over at my friend Amy's place she's talking about taking risks and embracing rejection and she decided "other people" should join in. I happened to be one of the "movers and shakers" she reached out to. I'm not sure if I'm really a mover and shaker. And taking risks and embracing rejection, really?

I was tempted to move along to the next email but Amy is too awesome to ignore. Three words also suddenly came to my mind. (That happens to me all the time now.)


I wrote Amy to asked her if my risk could be one I wake up and take daily. My email was raw and unedited and I'm taking a risk and sharing the raw and unedited version with you.

So...what I meant by each day feels like the same risk over and over again is, well... becoming a military family...RISK! There was the risk of a deployment becoming a reality for my family and now it is. Surviving these months apart, every morning I wake and commit to finding the JOY in the day feels like a risk. I'm afraid, dear friend. I'm afraid of what the day can bring. I can handle the small downs (or bumps) that come my way. What about the big ones? What if they come? What if this war takes my husband from me? What if???? Will I lose my faith in Him?

Every day is one big risk.

Today is another day where I choose to find JOY in the midst of a year without my husband. Today I choose to find JOY in a deployment.

I've realized, seeking JOY in a deployment is one big risk.

Satan does not like my word for the year. My One Word for 2014 is JOY. I'm sure he's slithering around like the snake he is saying, "Oh, have I got news for you, Beth. I'm going to steal your joy. Who finds joy in a deployment?"

After writing about my word and taking the risk to share a God-sized Dream, I woke the following morning on a JOY high. The high continued throughout the day. JOY was easily found over a cup of coffee with girlfriends and then the opportunity to spoil myself with a pedicure and manicure. I had a JOY-filled day.

The following day... not so much. Looking back, I'm certain it started with waking up to more snow. We have had enough snow already. The snow felt like one big rejection and I did not embrace it well. Instead of JOY-filled, the term Debbie Downer better described my mood that day.

Most days, finding JOY comes easily. I communicate with my husband daily and there has yet to be a day where I'm not able to see his face. So far there have been few "rejections" to deal with in his absence. But there are plenty of days when I want to reach through the computer screen to shake him and say, "I'm done. Come home now." The countdown until his return remains too big of a number. Why did I say yes to him joining the Army?

God, in His ever so gentle way, reminds me military life led me and my husband to Him. So this one big risk of saying yes to a military life, if I were given the chance to say yes or no again, I'd still say YES!

Saying yes was a step in obedience. Saying yes was a step closer to God. Saying yes was the beginning to putting our trust in Him. I wonder, how does one take a risk without Him?

The message in my ramblings, if God is calling you to take a risk, He will see you through it until the end for He goes with you wherever you go (Joshua 1:9). Don't give up. You may be met with rejection, but He will reward you for your step in obedience. His reward will be far better than anything you can imagine.

Over the next couple weeks I will be more specific on risks taken as I seek JOY in this deployment, rejections I'm met with, and God's amazing grace as I keep moving forward.

{Can I sneak in a message to that crummy, slithering snake? "Go ahead and try to steal my JOY. You have no power here. My God is stronger."}

What risks are you taking? Come join the other "movers and shakers" and tell us about it over at Amy's.


  1. Oh Beth - yes! How my heart echoes your thoughts and feelings! As a fellow *Joy for 2014* person, I know that for me there was also some fear attached. I've been fighting against thinking that the one way I'm going to learn JOY this year is by having lots of bad things happen, and then have to have this difficult JOY thing sorta overcome them. Ugh. Not fun. But also, sadly, a big insight into the way I think - fear, doomsday, worry. A large reason that I believe that God has a lot to teach me this year about the truth of JOY!

    I will look forward to both of us sharing the journey - and I will glean much from your life and your lessons, I just know it! Glad to have met you, and for this new and special blog friendship!


  2. God is always bigger. Always. So take that risk every day because you don't have to defeat the enemy alone. He will do it. I promise. (I also promise that I'm saying this as much to myself as I am to you!). Much love!

  3. Beth - As I read your post, I knew God was beginning to drop something into my heart to share. I had to pause for a bit & then return to leave a comment & here it is.... The enemy would seek to steal your joy because He knows this to be true...
    "For the JOY of the Lord is your strength." (Nehemiah 8:10)
    He knows if he can just get your joy, you will have no strength to get through each day. Stay strong. Hold onto your JOY for therein lies your strength & it is found in & through our Lord!

  4. Keep relying on the joy of the Lord for there is your strength.
    Risking with you. {Today risking words and a brand new link-up when I really wonder if I should give up}. Love to you!

  5. "If I were given the chance to say yes or no again, I'd still say YES!" Oh my new friend, that's the essence of obedience, and it's the thing your enemy can't stand. You've got it. Praying with you through this one big risk, and thanking you both for your sacrifice.

  6. You're such a JOY to be around on this big 'ole Internet. So grateful for the way you encourage me (and others!) here. Praying for you to continue to embrace this season of life. So thankful for the sacrifices both you and your husband are making.

  7. Dear Beth ... as you share your risk, you encourage others to step out on a limb ... and that's where the fruit is!

    You are not alone ...

  8. Beth- I had the same feeling when I shared my One Word. I thought, "Now I'm in for it. So I'm either all in or out." God was in, so I was too:) Praying you keep finding joy and that we all continue to help you in that endeavor! love and hugs from the cornfields:)

  9. Oh Beth! I totally feel ya, sister. Although we aren't in the middle of a deployment at the moment, I've been there... And I have to tell you it was hard but an incredible (and much needed) catalyst for my faith.

    I ask the same questions you do EVERY. SINGLE. STINKIN. DAY. And it IS a huge risk to love and support a military man. But it's one that has such great rewards.

    Much, much love to you. And I still wish we lived closer so I could buy you Starbucks and we could waste an afternoon at Barnes & Noble. (If you are into that sort of thing.)

  10. I love your message to the snake! You and your family are such a testimony to obedience AND joy!

  11. Oooh! Great post, Beth! I can feel your heart expressed in the words you wrote. Yes, every day is one big risk! The thought that comes to mind for me in that is, if I don't take that risk, what blessings will I miss? I don't want to miss anything God has for me and I'm clinging to Him as I move forward. There have been some challenging things in my life as of late. One great big huge one dealing with rejection. However, my God is bigger than the rejection! And, he is already teaching me so much through it. My husband and I are crushed by the trial, but we are both looking to God as we move forward! As we seek Him, we are finding joy in each day! We're stomping on the lies of that stupid snake!

    Blessings & Joy, Joan

  12. Hi Beth,
    I wanted to say I love you, as your sister in Christ. I kneel with you before our Lord's throne, to lean into Him and be still with Him. To fully embrace all that He offers through the rain, snow, and sunbeams.

  13. Beth, What a testimony!! I can hear your heart so clearly in this post!!
    Blessings to you!!

  14. Love your heart, Beth. Glad to be getting to know you better. Cheering you on, brave friend.

  15. I love this Beth, that is your risk, daily as you meet each morning. I love the scripture you provided the Lord does goes with us. That means so very much. Thank you for modeling joy for us, even in the midst of hard days.

  16. Really powerful, Beth. It is so familiar as once I speak God's Will or commit to something that is of God, here comes that ol' wiley one. He want to get off God's track and will do anything. I am so grateful that we truly do have a God Who is stronger and is our Refuge. Praising Him for going before us. (I just committed to my "One Word" and I am sure he does not like it one bit. Praying for us each and all.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  17. HA Beth! I just shared with Jen over at her blog how her post was right on time, as is yours my friend! 2014 is the year of "risk taking"! I'm determined that THIS year, at the ripe "young" age of 46, I'm living my life "OUT LOUD" in Him and I'll be cheering you on in the process! We can do this Beth...YES we can!!

  18. Beth,
    I'm hoping that through you, I can learn how to support and encourage military families more. You LIVE the risk every day. Every single one. Thank you for loving a man who loves our country so much!

    Thrilled to have you join us.

  19. You are a brave, powerful and encouraging soul. The enemy better run the other direction! I love your heart and I love your risk taking attitude. The JOY of the Lord is your strength!

  20. You are very brave Beth! Risk = Stretch. When we take risks for the Lord it truly does stretch us!

    Continue to fine JOY in all things! You rock!

    Love in Him!

  21. I just love you!!! Love the sacrifice you and your family make daily. Yes, risking daily is awesome. It means you're alive and following God daily. Risking big. Living for others. You always encourage me girl!!!

  22. Oh, Beth, thank you for your family's daily sacrifice! My daughter married a military man, and we've prayed them through deployments, so I've seen the toll it takes on the family. Choosing JOY (and counting gifts) daily is a wonderful way to keep your focus in the right place. Bless you.

  23. Thank you for this beautiful reminder that "He will see me though it." I actually camped on vs 5 in Joshua 1 last night for a bit, so I had to smile when I realized that you were in vs 9. :)

  24. Amen Beth! Our God is Greater, Our God is Stronger and Higher than any other!!!! His joy is your strength! He is a rewarder and will reward the risks you take!!! Love you so much my dear friend!!!! Natasha

  25. Wow, Beth! Thank you so much for sharing this. And thank you for your transparency in sharing this journey. You remind me of how important it is to reach out to military families, to constantly keep them uplifted in prayer and to find ways to better support them as they sacrifice so much to support us. Thank you! And thank you for your wonderful testimony of JOY!!

  26. I just want to send over a big hug and a great big "thank you." yes. everyday is a risk and i'm so thankful for your husband your family to be taking it for all of us. looking forward to sharing this new risky adventure with you and all the other ladies...


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