Sunday, April 28, 2013

For your Sunday

Original Photo by friend Judd Johnson

"God's love for us is not greater when life is easy and less when difficult.
When life gets tough - no matter how tough, God's love is measureless and strong!"

"God's love for the individual believer - His love for you - is very personal!"


  1. It is so comforting to know, that we can always find peace in Him, and rely in God's love and strength - in all circumstances! Beautiful post, Beth!

  2. sparkling, Beth ... SPARKLING!


  3. Our covenant relationship with God does not make us immune to problems. It allows us to go through trouble without the trouble overtaking us!

  4. Fireworks and lightning......God's power overcomes it all. Awesome, Beth!

  5. God's peace is all we need, it soothes our souls and calms our fears.

  6. I am going through some tough stuff right now and I needed this reminder. Thank You. (And yes, God can do some serious real-life-without-a-match fireworks if He so deems).

  7. So good! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Because He has overcome the world, we can make it. Otherwise, uh, uh.



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